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I have several older brass steam engines that I'm re-moyoring with new cans & flat cans to lower voltage for decoder installation & I'm wondering is it necessary to isolate the motors from body & frame since I've heard that the can motors already have the brushes isolated internally..............

Also does anyone know what sound decoder will fit in a bachmann 4-8-2 vanderbuilt oil tender(plug/play)..I have a soundtrax dsd B280LC and it wont even come close...finally managed to squeeze in a non sound decoder & that was real tight....since bachmann saw fit to drill holes in the tender floor, it would seem like something should fit ..............thanks Paul(spsmoke)

-- Paul Nunes (, January 25, 2004


Most can motors do have the motor leads insulated from the case. You can check this to be sure with a ohm meter between either motor lead and the case of the motor. If your motor leads are insulated from the case of the motor, then you are done. You do not need to isolate the motor from the frame of your locomotive.

I don't think Soundtraxx is still making the DSD-050. If you can find one, it may work for you. Also, the DSX is smaller than their DSD. The DSX is a sound only decoder. You will still need a regular decoder to run your locomotive if you use a DSX. It sounds like you may not have room for both.

-- Allan Gartner (, January 27, 2004.

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