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Hi, I'm using Photo2VCD Professional to make VCD photo albums, but the aspect ratio is not correct. When I view the VCD on my DVD player, the photos are stretched wider than they should be. Is there anything I can do which will allow me to keep the aspect of the original photo? Or do I need some different software? I am making PAL format VCDs. Thanks in advance.


-- Steph Teh (, January 24, 2004


Try using Nero, I tested it, and got it correctly.

-- Ajesh (, January 26, 2004.

VCDeasy ( can make photo VCDs that comply with the standards, so if you use it, your photos will be in the correct aspect ratio. Some DVD players, such as Pioneer models, demand 100% compliance with the standards or they will refuse to play photo VCDs. The problem with Nero is that it doesn't comply with VCD standards and some players will refuse to play photo VCDs if Nero created them.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 26, 2004.

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