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I have a terapin VCD recorder. Can i record from a video source that is originally NTSC format and use the PAL output feature to encode it to be playable on a PAL only machine? I am sending home movies and clips from production movies to relatives who live overseas where very few english language movies are available. However if I buy and send them a dvd from the store here it will not play in their unit as it is PAL format. Can I convert the format by using my Terapin VCD recorder? Also I cannot connect to the terapin website. Any info on their website or their email addresses?

-- chayim mehl (chayimlife@sbcglobal.net), January 23, 2004


i also have a terapin unit.......although i dont have a definitive answer..... i have heard rumors to the effect that what u are trying to do is indeed possible. try it with a little clip and try to play it in a dvd player or vcd player with the pal setting on.

-- Jason Scott Yeldell (jyeldell@prdus.jnj.com), January 26, 2004.

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