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For what it's worth, Chuck said in a response to me "Looks like our hosting provider is down...I'll sic dean on them."

-- Don Armstrong (from Australia) (, January 23, 2004


Thye're back.

-- DA (, January 24, 2004.

Their gone again today.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, January 24, 2004.

Well, it's come and gone a couple of times, but mostly gone. MeanDean had a message quoted from the hosting company, which said basically that they (the hosting company) were doing maintenance on their system, largely to cope with the volume of our bulletin board. It strongly implied that they (the hosting company) really did't give a damn about what they might do to us - they were sick of what our site was doing to them with our requirements for bandwidth - but they were being polite about it.

There's an answer in train, of course, and that's to have our own dedicated server. We really REALLY don't want it to go in until they have a rock-solid secure un-hackable setup, which is what has been delaying things. That and the fact that Dean has been getting that for us, including I'm sure some learning along the way, in his oh-so- copious spare time. That's the long-term answer, although this latest episode may tip their hands and they may need to end up moving sooner than they would otherwise have done.

-- Don Armstrong (, January 26, 2004.

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