Wanting Blacks To Think Alike

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In 2002, Entertainer Harry Belafonta responding to a question about Secretary of State Colin Powell's position on the possibility of using military force against Iraq, characterized Secretary Powell and Security Advisor Condeleeza Rice as a "house slaves" doing the will of the master, President Bush. Secretary Powell and Secerity Advisor Rice are the highest level black appointees in the History of the US. There is no question that they were appointed because they are the best qualified for the positions. And since our nation is the most powerful nation in the world, they are the highest ranking most powerful African Americans in world history, yet they are vilified by many blacks. In fact, one has to go back in world/Bible history to find persons of African descent in as powerful or more powerful position such as The Ethiopian Enuch serving Candace Queen of Ethiopia. Secretary Powell is fourth in the Sucession Line to the Presidency after the Vice-President, Speaker of the House, and then Secretary of State Powell. [Reference: Walter E. Williams column dated October 23, 2002.] This column can be found by going to drudgereport.com and clicking on Walter Williams, then browse to the archive of his columns. As a registered Republician, Conservative, and Black I have been critized at best and called all sort of dirty names at worst. My question is this: Must All Blacks Think Alike? Secondly, why must we resort to name calling when we disagree?

Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2004


Rev. Paris,


I am saddened that a man of Harry's stature couldn't unchain himself from 60's rhetoric. I guess he forgot what it was like when he was called an Uncle Tom by some of the Civil Rights Activists.

My mother used to call it the "crabs in a barrel" syndrome. For some reason, we don't want other blacks around us to succeed. When they try to get out of the ghetto (the barrel), or better themselves, we call them "sellouts", and "Uncle Toms" and "House Negroes".

Then, when someone HAS made it, we are upset that they don't try to "help out the brothers and sisters".

We are "bourgeoisie" (boozshee for you Buppies) when we vote Republican (even though that was the party of choice for affluent blacks in history, and the party in power when the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted) or choose to live in a better, safer neighborhood. We can't win. Jealously and Envy will never go away.

Harry Belafonte, as far as I'm concerned, is a "field slave" for uttering such things. Come to think of it, isn't "Day-O" a slave song? Hmmmmmmmm........

What he should do is put his money where his mouth is and run for office. (I know he has a string of awards and appointments, but he has not served as an advisor to any president). Then he will get a chance to put his principles on the line (assuming anyone would vote for him or place him in the cabinet). Maybe Al or Howard will appoint him.

Until then, he is just a clanging cymbal.

As to the name calling: It's childish behavior. Adults don't have to call each other names; They can debate and argue intelligently, respectfully, and peacefully. I think that when we (as the human race) get angry, we resort back to our childhood defense mechanisms.

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2004


The good brother jerryl sent this correction: Constitutintonally, the line is: > * Vice President > * Speaker of the House > * President pro-Tem of the Senate > * Secretary of State > * Remaining cabinet secretaries in order of post creation > > Jerryl Payne

Secretay Powell is 4th in line and the only black man or woman to hold that position.

I hope and pray that President Bush is re-elected and if Secretary Powell decides to retire, Secruity Advisor Rice will accept the Secretary of State mantel; unless of course she wants to run for president in 2008 against Senator Clinton.

Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2004

White people don't all think alike. Where's the logic in thinking other groups will?

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2004

If we aren't at the table; we will be on the menu. We must be on both sides of the table. I really disagree with African American's who bash African American Republican's. I am often taken by our assumptions that every black person we meet are democrat's. Democrat's aren't Jesus' party, nor are Republican. Many of those who are of the Anglo Saxon persuasion aren't for African American/Color politics period. When asked about reparations, Hillary Clinton stated "we need to move on" Let's not narrow our playing field.

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2004

I recently saw a video series by John Bevere called "The Bait of Satan". It dealt with the area of offense, and how it is one of the enemy's greatest weapons. Through offense Christians are hindered in so many ways from enjoying their salvation to the fullest because in the end, it is unforsaken sin.

One of the key lessons God taught him had to do with apologies, revenge, and the offending party admitting they were wrong.

God taught him how insisting on an apology shows unforgiveness. People may say they've forgiven but still want that apology, and that adds up to unforgiveness. They're not leaving the matter in God's hands. The same is true for any type of payback, revenge, getting their due, or an admission of guilt.

Of course we know what Jesus said about those who won't forgive (they won't be forgiven). That's in eternity, and should motivate us to examine our hearts for any sign of offense. But what about here and now? How much further along could we be in intimacy with God, hearing from God, seeing into the heavenlies, and exercising power were we to drop the offense?

That cannot be done while the victim waits for reparations or even an apology. Those issues must belong to God.

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2004

??? what?

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004

Let's try again. Wanting reparations shows unforgiveness. That's poison to the soul, and puts at risk a person's future in Eternity.

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004

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