I dont know what to do ??

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I new this girl and we were more than sister 2 each otger (her breasts are very big) but then i knew some bad stuff about her that she did when i asked her she lied to me but in the end she admit it 2 me so now we r not close at all because i never thought that she could do something like that so after this problem with a week or so i dreamed that i was with my betfriend in a car and she was driving ,we made an accident and her leg got cut off so after this dream with awhile i dreamt another one that i was riding a car and it was moving very quickly and the same lady that her leg was broken was approaching the car i was ridding and her breast were big n her leg was broken so while she apprached quickly i locked my door and the frightenning part that she was running in the same speed the car was moving and yelling dont leave me i will die and u will be responsible for that hitting my window.is this related 2 my bestfriend i had a fight with if so what do i do ???

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2004


no no no. it does not make sense. you did not make that happen. you guys are fighting because she lied to you.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2004

are you a girl or guy, and if you're a gurl, then r u sure you ain't lez, cause you keep mentioning her big breasts

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2004

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