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Work Plan

-- bandi (bandi@monabandi.net), January 19, 2004


Work Plan:

I am still working on the dissertation Work Plan. If I can't complete it thihs weekend, definitely by Monday morning I will present it to you all.


-- Sunny (eleose2@eudoramail.com), January 24, 2004.

This is the final copy of the work plan:

Dissertation Work Plan

Periods: February September, 2004 (26 Weeks)

Weeks 1 2: Carry out search on OPACS, Articles, Internet, Library

Weeks 3 4: Sorting information gathered from OPACS, Articles, Internet, and


Weeks 5 6: Reading information gathered from OPACS, Articles, Internet,

Library and defining project objectives

Weeks 7 8: Continue with above and writing methodology, contacting external Sources for assistance on project aims and objectives (using

questionnaires, interviews, etc). Outline (deciding on chapters, etc),

continue visit and contact to companies (and experts) having

experience on chosen topic

Weeks 9 10: Start writing up the first few chapters of the dissertation. Continue

with the practical work on the Internet (recording findings)

Week 11: Get feedbacks on the first few chapters of the dissertation and

make amendments Week 12: Continue with interviews, questionnaires (students, experts,

Internet, etc)

Week 13: Write up the result of the contacts of above (week 12). Continue

with general documentation

Week 14: Investigate key sources of current and related issues. Continue with

further practical work

Week 15 17: Concentrate on dissertation production Week 18: Hand in first draft of dissertation (to get feedback)

Week 19: Modify dissertation

Week 20: Get further feedbacks. Continue to modify dissertation

Week 21 25: Proof read dissertation

Week 26: Have dissertation bound and hand in

Let me know of any error.

-- Sunny (eleose2@eudoramail.com), January 25, 2004.

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