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I borrowed a VCD and it played on my DVD player.

I went to windows XP Home Edition and copied the VCD files from his CD-R80 Philips 40X disk directly to my maxell CD-R disk.

I CAN play the maxell on my PC but it will not play on my DVD player (I get a disk error).

Any suggestions on why? Bad disk? Is direct disk copy an incorrect way to do this?

Also, if there is any shareware VCD copying software that would help I would be interested.



-- Joe Razor (, January 19, 2004


The easiest way to copy a VCD is to use Nero burning software and just use the Disc Copy option. Direct disc copy to a hard drive probably isn't a good idea. It's generally better to use VCDgear (do a web search) to copy the DAT file on the VCD to MPEG format on your hard drive and then reburn that. Also, it could simply be that your DVD player doesn't support CD-R discs or it doesn't play VCDs. Go to and look up your player in the DVD Player Compatiblity List. Finally, you don't say what you use to burn the CD-R with, but if you just burned a data disc and not a VCD, that will never work.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 19, 2004.

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