Poe's "Berenice"

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I'm having a rough time trying to find literary critiques/analysis'/reviews on Poe's "Berenice". Does anyone have any clue as to where I can find hard copies of other author's/professors/persons of high mark critiques of this Story. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

-- Anonymous, January 18, 2004


Hi Tara,

Not specifically related to your question, but I'm an aspiring film- director who is currently wrapping up my first movie project.

And it just happens to be based on the short story "Berenice".

Please check out my webpage and trailer and let me know what you think.


Aside from that, I would be happy to discuss the text of the short- story with you anytime you'd like.

Please let me know.

Geoffrey Ciani

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2004

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