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HI This is my second message but I am wondering if anyone else has nerve damage, Mine is pretty severe and I am worried I will never walk again, I am not getting any help from the surgeon who simply says he doesn't know what happened, He still hasn't even taken a test Maybe because I am on medicare,,,I have a drop foot, constant pain and paralasis in many parts of my leg and foot, I would appreciate any info thanks Diane

-- diane pennamen (, January 18, 2004


hi there Dian i was going about the net , came up on your site, i have nerve damage i took the shingles and my shingles left but it damage nerve in my foot, i don,t know what kind of med. you are takeing but my doctor got me on ,neurontin tab 600g 2 tab aday, and i take wellbutrinxl 300mg i take 1 aday, it my foot. but boy, sometimes it give me a fit. looks like your doctor would gave you some kind of pain pill , i hope this massage help you ido hope you get better or get you another doctor i,ll keep you in my prayers God bless you diane,just maybe alittle angels watching over you good look diane may god bless you , i belive if i was you i would sue tha t doctor for mass up you r leg bess of luck i hope i made you fell better. mary jane grubb you can email me if want to good luck.

-- mary jane grubb (, January 23, 2004.

dear diane, your message is so disturbing to me. i, too, have a dropped foot caused by (according to the doctors) damage to my peronial nerve. it has been this way for a month--no sensation and no movement, but constant, terrible pain, radiating from just under my big toe. my doctor put me on neurontin, 300mg 3x a day...but you've had your symptoms for how long? oh, my god. how are you supporting yourself? do you go to physical therapy? this is relatively new to me, so i do have a few questions for you. have you seen an orthopedic surgeon? they deal a lot with dropped feet. ok, dear. good luck to you. _rachel

-- Rachel Sassoon (, January 25, 2004.

Hi, my father has similar symptons to you - he has nerve damage to his feet and drop foot and doctors cannot come up within anything i would be interested to hear from you to see how you are going? Does anyone know of any vitamins he could be taking? Please email me at if any one has any suggestions.

-- Kerrie (, February 06, 2004.

i started with sharp pains in my left ankle 16 months ago. a podiatrist thought for sure i had tarsul tunnel in my ankle and foot; after all tests came back normal or in-conclusive. his surgery also showed that the nerve WAS NOT impinged. went back to work and had same pain in ankle, only now more severe. the pain was shooting up my leg. he then sent me to a chiropractor thinking my hips were out of adjustment and it helped for awhile but pain continued to travel up my leg. i went to a specialist in february and had more tests ran which should a blood soaked ankle bone which can only be caused from a stress fracture, and the nerve in my leg is "worn out". he has me on 600mg of neurontin 2x a day at the present and wants to do emg studies in a month to see if there's anything else he can do. the pain is severe at this point; ankle and achilles tendon begins to hurt after a very short period of being up; then the sting and fire shoot up my leg and in my hip. the pain progressively is moving up my back. getting to the right doctor helps. ask ur doctor for a second opinion; or to see a specialist.medicare is insurance, correct? good luck and feel free to contact me if i've been any help to you.-mindy.

-- mindy (, March 14, 2004.

Hi Mindy Thank you so much for your response,Sounds like you are going through a rough time.I agree that getting a second opinion is the right way to go. I am now seeing another Dr. He is a sports and pain medical Dr and has me on neurotin and percoset (controled) I have 13 grandchildren and haven't been able to do anything with them, They are all so cute and understanding, I of course will deal with any kind of nerve damage even if it's permanent but when your in so much pain you are not yourself, I'm sure you know what I mean, I really hope you get anwers to your problem. You are not alone either, Again thank you for your reply and you can email me anytime, Hope your having a better day,,,,,,,,,,,,,Diane

-- Diane from Seattle (, March 14, 2004.

Hi I'm trying to find someone or some answer to my problem. I have nerve damage to the top of my left foot. It if very painful. The doctor say I have it from a disc in my back being herniated and the nerves being compressed for so long. I am so fustrated because I can't find any info on it or if there is a name for it. Everything I look up even this site, doesn't have anything on the top of the foot. I take Neurontin 300 8 a day, it really helps, but only lasts so long. If you have any info or know of anyone who has the same thing please e mail me, I would be so happy. Thanks

-- Jill M Proper (THPJMP@AOL.COM), March 16, 2004.

My THR was 11 weeks ago tomorrow and I also was left with a dropped foot with numbness down the outside of my calf and on the top of the foot. Fortunately, I have no pain. The orthopedist said the dropped foot is because he had to move the peroneal nerve out of the way during the surgery. ALL the doctors said I would start to see improvement in 4-6 weeks. I had am EMG that showed severe nerve damage (stretching and fraying) high up. Now they are saying that it "probably" will not recover and are suggesting that I have a tendon transfer. This involves taking half the Achilles tendon from the back of my ankle and moving it around to the front; that should put my foot in a neutral position and I should be able to wear normal shoes and not need a brace. I am going to do it, but of course am worried about side effects from that surgery. It's always something, no?

-- Judi Bee (, March 18, 2004.

I have had pain in my feet for over a year (it came on suddenly, while I was out shopping, my heels started to ache so badly that I had to leave the store - this problem has never gone away). A while after my feet began hurting, my back began throbbing). Nobody knows what is causing what. I do have a slightly protruding bulge in the lumbar region, but not severe. I have been to foot doctors (2), spine specialist, and family doctor - all to no avail. Now my big toe is also starting to feel at times that is has a splinter in it and it's getting harder to walk. Tried Nuerontin 3 times a day - didn't help. Living on Hydrocodone, which barely helps. If anybody gets anywhere with their problem, let me know at my e-mail address because I don't get on this site too much.


-- betty ingelsby (, March 25, 2004.

I started having pain in my left large toe over a year ago. I have since had cramping, numbness & tingling up the leg to my buttocks. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my back last November and placed on celebrex. That has helped the leg some, but the pain in my foot has worsened. The toe never stops hurting. It is a deep aching pain. Very severe ripping pain when something rubs up against it. Now, the top, outside & heel of my foot hurt and the ankle. I believe alot of the additional foot pain comes from compensating for the toe pain, when I walk. I can't get the foot comfortable on or off my feet. I've just started going to a podiatrist who gave me a neuro freeze injection in the nerve. That helped for a few days, but the pain is returning. I don't know what's next. The pain is at the point that I can live with it now, I worry what happens if I don't get control now.

-- Kathleen Carter (, March 28, 2004.

Husband had back surgery 2 years ago and came out with severe left leg pain and drop foot. Surgeons found left ilyac artery completely blocked after and unblocked it. His pain is so severe, he wants someone to actually cut off his left leg and use a prostetic one. Hes on all the meds imaginable and bad depression. Had the caudal blocks, etc. nothing works. Please, any help would be appreciated. email is: If you know any doctors that could help, we'll travel............

-- Alice (, April 14, 2004.

I have recently been diagnosed with nerve damage and foot drop. I was told it could be either from a stroke or from MS since there are few ares in my brain with small lesions. I was not satisfied with the uncertainty so I decide to seek a teaching medical hospital neurologist to evaluate the possiblity of MS. I will be seeing the Neurologist in 3 weeks. I will update you than. I have decrease sensation in my left leg and I have hyperreflexes and foot drop that is not very noticeable except to me. I have also had intermittent numbness, tingling, paralysis that goes away. I suggest you call around to teaching hospitals and see if they would be willing to help you further.

-- Deb Paul (, April 17, 2004.

Hi people i've been having difficulties also for little over year was diagnoised with sciatica in feb 2003 day after my wedding couldnt get treatmet because didnt have medical coverage with the job and then when i finaaly did get some medical ass i got to see an orthopedic which set me up with physical therepy and then i ended up getting into an auto accident in may 2003 and it made it worst so the orth wanted me to get surgery by sept instead i had 3 steriod injections which did nothing they tried to put me on nuerotin 800mg and all types of meds i'm not a pill popping person and not fond of any of it,anyhow things gotten worst i notice weakness severe pain in knee cap back pain was initaly on the leftside and it kept shifting i told the doctor it was more than what he was telling me come to find out in oct2003 it was a very large herniated disc went today for an EMG i have severe nerve damage in left leg and they wanted me to get the back surgery without even checking out what i'm telling them i feel.i'm scheduled for 2 injections and succesfull dont need the nerve surgery but may need the back surgery.

-- Mr.Turner (, April 20, 2004.

diane...i know what you are going through, i have the same symtoms as you do and doctor says its due to the bloodclots i have. left leg has a 12 inch clot that will not go away. had this problem for four years. there is nothing doc can do about it he said.the pain is constantly there and doc wont give me pain pills.nuerontin does not help. so if you get any help, please let me know so i can get some sort of relief,please. 4 years is long enough for anybody to be in pain.all this caused me to loose my wife of 24 years, to many bills for me or her to pay, so she found a healthy man taht has me please, anybody please.....tom

-- tom crady (, May 18, 2004.

Hi there all, my heart is with you and your pain. I was carrying 100 pds at work up stairs and took a spill resulting in a torn hamstring which bruised from my butt to past my knee and now I have drop foot. When you say drop foot is that total paralysis in foot ? I cannot feel my foot and have excrusiating muscle cramps in calf and arch of foot. Waiting for workmans comp to ok the mri to find out whats going on. It seems to be taking forever. I pray for some help soon.

-- Diane D (MMILLETT@SNET.NET), June 18, 2004.

Hi guys, I won't give you my long sordid story on this subject ... lol ... rather I would prefer to offer some suggestion of help. I highly recommend one finds a very, very good, in fact, an excellent bodywork therapist or massage therapist who does deep tissue massage. When my condition first began, slight drop foot, limping and numbness in calf ... a friend did this work on me and it was fabulous and after an hour I was walking normally. I would also recommend finding a really good yoga teacher or similar who can give you the correct stretching and such to help release the contraction on the sciatic nerve. I have just begun treatment yesterday with a physiotherapist who seems to be confident he can help me .. fingers crossed!! I guess my final recommendation is search, search, search until you find someone who can help you and don't settle for doing anything that doesn't feel right to you or work with someone who doesn't feel right to you. Trust your instincts all the time. I am only expressing this due to my own experience. I gave up on myself and getting any help for a long time due to much disappointment, till I realised that while there is life in me there is hope. All the best to you all. Love & Light Shantiie

-- Shantiie (, June 25, 2004.




Hi All. Well it has been over 8 months for me now. Still have the same condition but I do think neurotin and percoset has helped alot with the pain, I hope you are all seeing a pain management specialist,I have also been diagnosed with depression that I was ignoring, I am on zoloft now, I do not cry 20 times a day anymore so I guess it does help. I have now come to the conclusion that we are on our own, Drs can prescribe meds but they can't make our nerves grow any faster, We just have to have faith in our bodys and know that the mind and body work together, I know there is always someone else worse off than me and my heart and understanding goes out to all of you I love to read all the posts, It's kinda of funny that people we don't even know ,like all of us,,,seem to understand more than our own familys, I do have a caring husband and daughters that help me out with expense of rx,,,Neurotin alone can break the piggy bank I truly am sending you all prayers and good wishes,,,We can beat this,,,,,,, will post more later......Diane

-- Diane from Seattle (, July 13, 2004.

Had foot drop in left foot appear April 30/04. Saw numerous orthopods and neurologists, had numerous MRI's/CAT scans for 2 months and the pain was severe but the doctors were't helpful. Finally, a top neurosurgeon performed surgery to relieve the pressure and after only 2 weeks the pain has subsided. Foot drop is still prominent but hopefully within the next 3 months and after PT the nerve will start to regenerate. One of the top doctors in the US for peroneal nerve damage is Dr. David Klein in New Orleans. The doctor that performed my surgery in Houston trained under him.

-- Rob Scheuer (, July 13, 2004.

Everybody I know how you are felling, I just had surgery july12. Have severe pain in my leg and foot(right). Driving my wife INSANE. I am on Percocet,soma and Neurontin. but Iam also on 120mg of Methadone. Alot of people are against Methadone but it is the only thing that is giving me releif. They had to move my whatever nerve during surgery. Now they are going to do another MRI August 5.WHY? Another surgery I hope not but there going to have to do something because I dont want to stay on MEDS. Thank god for WORKERS COMP FROM ALLSTATE.If you can ask about METHADONE. God Bless you all. And pray for my wife.

-- Billy Manuel (, July 29, 2004.

My mom had major spinal surgery 9 months ago to correct previous scoliosis surgery she had as a child and as a result suffers from severe nerve damage in her left leg which left her with a drop foot. She has had all the tests you can have but there are no signs of any regeneration. She is now considering a tendon transfer operation and I would like to know if anyone has had this procedure or has had a similar experience.

-- Michael G (, August 03, 2004.

I certainly can relate to all of you. While at work, a large machine exploded that I was working around and threw a five pound piece of metal into my tibia, shattering the bone and severing some nerves in my foot. Going on month number nine of the recovery period, but I still have very little feeling in my foot. Thankfully, I can walk, but that isn't good enough for me. Depression has definitely been an issue. Previous to this accident, I went through a car windshield and almost died (one year prior). I've been unemployed for about two years now. LOL the only thing my friends seem to care about is when I'm going to get back to work! Seems they've lost sight of what is really important here (me getting my head straight and my body repaired)...Hope you all have speedy recoveries. I'm right there with ya.

-- john forsberg (, August 11, 2004.

HI John Wow!!! so sorry to hear about your problems,,,Man, we all have a story don't we and I know how you feel about everyone wondering when your returning to work. You need to get WELL!!!!!!!! first, I hope workmans comp is taking some financial burden off you. The darn nerves are really slow pokes. I just want you to know I am thinking of you and wish you well. There is alot of info out here on the net and you would be surprised at how many people will offer support. I hope you are not letting your depression go untreated, I take zoloft and it has really helped me, good luck and hang in there

-- Diane from Seattle (, August 13, 2004.

There is more information for those interested at I have no independent feedback on the capabilities of Dr. Nath.

-- Matt P (, August 25, 2004.

Wow, I'm not alone....I severed the nerves and the major artery in my leg June 9 2004, and I have no feeling or movement in my leg below my knee...All I can say is to seek a second opinion if you are ever having trouble with your doctor, Me personally, I live in Canada, and seem to only be having trouble with ODSP, Disability... I don't have the pain aspect yet but am in Physio and am having pain in my thigh , mainly because I was in a wheelchair for 2 months...Just take it easy, do streches and keep the limb limber, so that you will be able to use it again, I do not know if I will ever use it again. Time will tell... But stay strong ya'll...

-- Michael Lang (, August 26, 2004.

i recenetly had surgery on my back on july 8th 2004 and after surgery i woke up to one super sharp,burning,electric type pain in my leg. when i told the doctor my problem i was having at first he told me it was because i was laying in bed and it should go away in a few days. Well, a few days later it didn't go away. so, i asked the doctor again what the hell is the problem with my leg and he then told me it was inflamation and it will go away. Well, after about another week or so goes by it never went away and when i went to go see him at his office for a follow up from the back surgery he sent me to a theropy/nerve doctor. Well, I went to see her and she diagnosed me with something called "RDS" and was freaking out it seemed like because this doctor was talking like a mile a minute saying we need to move fast on this problem i was have. So, she refered me to a pain manage group. but,when i called them up to set up an appointment they said they didnt accept my insurance at all. So, i called the doctor that refered me to this pain management group and she was on vaction and nobody was taking her calls is basicly what they told me and was told by this doctors secretary that she would call me when she got back from vaction first this the next Wed. Well i waited and waited and waited but yet no call.But i did have an appointment to see her on that next Monday so i figured she took an extra few days of vaction (meanwhile im thriving in pain and no meds left to take at all) Well anyways i go see her on that next monday and she tells me that she tried to call me like 4 times and nobody answered the phone. (which i know is a flatout lie because there is 4 people living in my house and there is always somebody there to answer the phone 24/7 at all times) so anyways, i told the doctor that i ran out of all my meds i was taking and i went thru pure hell not only with the pain i was having in me leg but the withdraw effects of the daludid i was taking.

well, after saying that to her all the meds she gave me before wasnt working for me (neroutin and amptripitline)she basicly put me on 2 other meds that i cant remember what they are offhand but they didnt work either (i had side effects on everyone of them) so, she took me off of all my meds accept for the muscle relaxer i was on and said i need to go see a pain management group and again i told her about the group not accepting my insurance and she called up the doctor that did my surgery and he said he could set up my injection for me.

Well after getting my head cleared from being off all these meds but still thriving in pain i called up the doctor and ask him for a referal to a neroligist for a second opinion and was told to wait til my next doctors appointment to talk to him about it. Well Monday Aug. 30th is my next appointment to see this doctor meanwhile i am on no pain meds right now what so ever due to the lack of care these two doctors are giving me. I cant sleep im in pain 24/7 a day and this is all i need on top of matters with no pain meds.

so i can understand what everyone is going thru with all the problems there having. the only difference is at least everyone that has posted here is on pain meds of some kind and im not due to 2 doctors that don't seem to know what the hell there doing and don't really care to help me out either from the looks of things as of right now.

-- Dan (, August 27, 2004.

Dan, Diane and anyone else out there,

If you have an emergency room that takes your insurance then I suggest you go there. The ER Dr's are allowed to prescribe pain meds and if those two so called Dr.'s (and I use that term lightly) cannot realize the kind of pain you are in and are leaving you alone to suffer then go to the ER and tell them who your main doctor is and maybe they'll call him/her but if not, at least they will try to do something for you. Maybe if your Dr. had to get out of bed at 2 A.M. (which he/she won't, but it is a nice thought isn't it?) to see you maybe then he/she would do something for you. Don't leave the ER until they have given you some relief. They should also run some tests to try and determine the cause of your pain first. Even if they have to admit you to treat you for the pain and/or run tests it's better then suffering at home. Constant pain should be treated as aggressively as any disease. If you had Diabetes would they run you around for 4 months? NO! A lot of Dr's think it's all in your head or not as bad as you're saying but you have to be there.

RSD is nothing to mess around with. I have a friend who has had it for 10 years and it's just incredible the amount of pain she has and is still going through. There is no cure for RSD, you said RDS and I'm hoping there is something else called that but if it's RSD you are in for a long ride so keep your eyes and heart on God because if not for him I'm not sure where I'd be right now. I've been in pain for almost 5 years now and I know exactly how you feel. Be a thorn in someone's side until they help you. Is there not another pain management place that DOES take your insurance? You usually have to have a referral but go to your Dr. and GET ONE!

I wish there was a machine that delivered pain temporarily to Dr.'s that seem to have no empathy and/or do not respond quickly to severe pain. I'd turn it on for a day and let them feel for just one day what we feel for days, weeks, years at a time. Every single minute is like living in hell!

If they are willing to take your money for an operation (many thousands) then they ought to be pulling strings to get you in wherever you need to go to get some relief for the pain that they inadvertantly caused. Remember this, "If you won't stand up for yourself, no one else will." If you can't speak to the Dr. then take someone with you who can. To let you continue to live in pain like that is unacceptable. Heck, vets treat dogs better then some Dr.'s treat people.

Now don't get me wrong. There are Dr.'s out there that are like gold and usually they're hard to get an appointment to see just because they are so good, not because they are necessary. I found that one of the things I was looking for when I was asking around about surgeons was who had the best reputation as a surgeon but from now on I want a good surgeon but I want someone also who treats their patients like people and not just like bad limbs. I am going to find out what they do post-op in the event that something goes wrong. They get their money either way. Once my surgery went bad then I was left to fend for myself and fend I have.

The Government has got the Dr.'s so afraid to dispense any quantity of pain medicine that it is unreal(but you can tell the ones who care about it and the ones who don't). Oh! Don't give them that, they'll get addidicted, well some do and some don't but if you're in legitimate pain the odds are that you won't.

Epidural steroid shots in the spine have been a God send for me (at a pain management clinic) or I don't know how I would have survived. I know that pain can take you right to the edge of wanting to kill yourself (I now know why Dr. Kavorkian sp? was so popular). This is no joking matter. I used to feel like I could overcome anything but chronic pain left untreated will take you to the edge of sanity. Please go get help now! Somehow, somewhere! I finally got so desperate once that I went on the Internet and got pain medicine, that's not usual for me by any means but I felt like I had no other choice. It was a medication that had helped me and I had taken before. Never get anything over the Internet that you haven't tried before. If you have found any medication that helps you and you can't get anyone to listen or prescribe it for you then you might consider it. Just be careful as there are lots of people out there just out to get money. Mine was from a U.S. Dr. and a U.S. Pharmacy right here in TX. I was also able to file it with my insurance co. as it was a legitimate prescription and I was not taking pain medicine from any other Dr. at the time. Desperate people do desperate things. Please post again and let me know what is going on or email me personally if you want to. Can you tell that this is a subject that I'm dead serious about? If this country can give almost free care to pregnant teenagers (who have never worked a day in their lives) and a whole lot of other ailments then they can give the same care to people in pain. Any way you can get pregnant Dan? LOL. Always leave em laughing, botta bing! God Bless YOU!

-- Sue Shields (, August 27, 2004.

My husband got injured on the job 5 years ago. He fell approximately 7 feet and landed on his buttocks. The compression pinched and permanently damaged 3 nerves including the sciatic nerve. He has a foot drop, leg weakness, numbness, and chronic pain in his back and legs. He took Neurontin, Hydrocodone, Soma, etc....nothing worked. He's had a total of 14 surgeries. He has a Spinal Cord Stimulator which sends electrical impulses down his legs (to give pain relief). This helped his legs but not his back pain. The Pain Management Specialist put him on morphine orally. It seemed to work good so in 2001 they put my husband an Intrathecal Pump. The pump dispenses morphine into his spinal cord 24/7. The idea is that pain signals travel via the spinal cord so put the meds where the pain signals originate. This worked pretty good for the last couple years but lately he has started having a lot of pain again. At times he has severe muscle spasms and cramps in his legs and back. The pain gets so bad he looses consciousness. He gets very depressed and is tired of living like pain 24/7. He too is on Zoloft. It's hard to belive that with all modern science can do that they cannot stop the pain caused by a nerve. The doctor says he has a lot of scar tissue and that is causing some of his problems. Is there such a thing as scar tissue removal??? We too are looking for answers. If you have any info that may help, please email me. God Bless.

-- Monica S. (, August 28, 2004.

follow up to my doctors visit today.

after waiting like an hour to see my doctor. I finaly got in the office and talked to him about my "RSD". When i asked him about getting a second opinion he basicly said no in a very nice way and proceeded to push for the nerve blocker shot.Well, again i asked him about a second opinion and he came flatout and told me that there wasn't any tests that can determine weather i have it or not really and still proceeded to force me into getting the nerve blocker injection.

Well, after about 5 atempts of trying to ask for a second opinion i said fine. but, before i get this nerve blocker injection i want to know more about it and he basicly bogged to that question and tried to side step my question yet again. Well, after my rephrasing my question like 3 or 4 different times he must have finaly realized that i wasn't gonna let it go. So, he set up a consultation with a antistiaologist to go over all the factors of this procedure with me finaly.

then after we took care of that issue. He asked me how my pain was and i told him it still perty server and i still wasn't taking anything after my nerve doctor took me off of all my pills and he was like how can you stand the pain and i told him flat out that i wasn't standing it i was hurting serverly and thats when he ended up giving me a prescription of tynol #3 with codene and to me to come see him in 6 weeks after i get the nerve blocker injection.

or there other alteritives besides this nerve blocker injection at all that can help me control this problem at all.Because to be honest with everyone i'm rather scared to let another doctor touch me after comming out of surgery with this problem.

-- Dan (, August 30, 2004.

I have foot drop as well due to an injury (in 2002) with my knee going back the wrong way and also fracturing my fibula. I've seen an ortho surgeon who says there isn't too much they can do but they would like to do exploritory surgery in the area for whatever reason. I can move my toes down and my foot down but can not bring it up or move the toes up, the top of my foot and most of my calf/front of my leg are all numb with almost no feeling. I was out for 4 months and in a wheelchair for another 3, I am walking again but with great pain. It's been over two years and nothing has really changed. Any info would be great.

-- Steve Cherry (, November 25, 2004.

Oh, Steve, I feel so bad for you! I posted somewhere above you in this thread and have the same symptoms as you— but no pain. My surgery was on Jan. 2 of this year and I've had no recovery at all from the numbness or foot drop. I am going to have a tendon transfer on Dec. 13. I'm amazed and disappointed that your ortho didn't mention this as an option. This operation stabilizes your foot and puts it in a neutral position with a little give in it. I am expecting to get out of the AFO and into regular shoes again; the surgeon seems very confident that this will happen.

I can live with the numbness. I just want to be able to walk normally on my own again without any brace.

You need to see someone who does tendon transfers. It could be a plastic surgeon who specializes in hands and feet, or it could be an ortho or possibly a neurosurgeon. But go to someone who has had experience doing tendon transfers—perhaps at a sports medicine facility.

I hope this gives you some encouragement!


-- Judi Birnberg (, November 27, 2004.

Hi Diane, I know what your going through, although mine is quite severe, I severed the nerves in my leg 6mths ago, and have very little feeling, or movement. I have sensation in my calf, and my foot moves a fraction, I had a foot drop splint, but recently got an Orthotic for my leg and foot, although here in Canada it didn't cost me anything, and I realize that it may cost you a fair amount, it has helped me immensely since I got it. I had to see a plastic surgeon to get my nerves reattached, but I see her quite often, and she's sending me for an EMG ( Electromyogram). It's used to measure how much your nerves are sensing. I'm not sure what else to say, but if you would like to know more, please feel free to email me. Take care of yourself

-- Michael Lang (, December 13, 2004.

Dear Judi. I want you to know I have really been thinking of you, Hope your tendon transfer went well and that you are on your way to living a normal life, Of course I want to hear about your surgery when you are up to posting,I quit seeing a pain management dr, because all he was doing was giving me drugs and my own md. can do that, I know I need an emg and I am so afraid to have it done,,,kinda of funny that I would be afraid of it,,after all I had 2 hip replacements and wasn't afraid,,,I am getting so much nerve action in foot and leg but still cant move toes and ankle is still paralized, I read somewhere that they only do tendon transfers if they feel the damage is permanent, Maybe I am starting to heal but discouraged as its been 15 months of pain and afos,,,,,sorry to ramble on so much,,thanks to whoever reads this and good luck to all of you,,,Diane from Seattle

-- Diane from Seattle (, December 18, 2004.

Diane, thanks so much for thinking of me. I had the tendon transfer a week ago yesterday. The pain was not bad because I had a morphine pump while in the hospital and came home with adequate medication.

The surgery lasted three and a half hours and I have five incisions, each about four inches long. I don't care about scarring because I wear pants all the time and all I wanted was to get out of the AFO and into a normal right shoe.

Three days after the surgery, they took the staples out and put me in a hard cast. This is the tough part: I have to keep my foot elevated above the level of my heart (to minimize swelling) and cannot put any weight on it for five more weeks. So I lie either in our bed or on a couch (with my laptop on my stomach) and get up only to go to the bathroom. Since I can't put any weight on the foot, I have to use a walker and hop. I am going to have buff arms and a six-pack when this is all over. ;-) To get up and down stairs, I go on my butt.

Fortunately, I have books and movies and music and friends who bring lunch and a husband who is learning his way around the kitchen.

I knew I was going to do this if the nerve didn't come back. I waited 11 months and my EMGs were all so bad that the consensus was that the peroneal nerve was damaged beyond hope. So I will do whatever it takes to get back to what I was. I know I'll be having a lot of physical therapy after I get out of the cast to help me walk normally again.

Diane, don't be afraid of the EMG—it was a big nothing, especially if you have numbness. Find out what you're actually dealing with.

Sorry this was so long! My best to all of you.


-- Judi Birnberg (, December 21, 2004.

hey all...i suffered a posterolateral knee dislocation in september 2003, and i "severely stretched" my peroneal nerve as a result...i had surgery to repair my torn hamstring, shattered fibula, torn LCL, PCL, and ACL, and have been using an AFO since the injury...i had a nerve decompression done in audust of 2004 because there was no sign of any recovery of sensation or function in the peroneal nerve, even though the nerve was in continuity...I have a positive "TInel's Sign" (which is where when u tap at the head of the nerve, you get a tinglign sensation running through your leg), but I still suffer from foot drop and have not seen any recovery of function since the surgery...I'm only 17 years old and I'd like to be able to run and play sports again, my knee is almost 90% now, but my foot is holding me back (I suffered the injury in a football game). Can you all explain to me what this "tendon transfer" is? And how long should I wait to start talking with my doctor about this (Its been 4 months since the nerve decompression, with no improvement). I live in Seattle, WA, if that helps. Also, how long is the recovery? And what do you gain from it? Im sorry to pester all of you with my newbie questions, its just that I'd like another shot at at least jogging again...

-- Samson (, December 22, 2004.

My mother suffered a foot drop after knee replacement surgery. It is now just over 8 weeks and she is showing a little improvement. This makes us very happy and hopeful. However, I still have been looking into the proper and most helpful therapy for her. Surgery is the last resort I guess. Any suggestions? She goes to PT three times a week for combination knee therapy and range of motion & bifeedback for her foot, she wears that stylish AFO, takes neuroton (only 300mg daily), had monthly B12 shots, and prays!!! However, I still have been looking into the proper and most helpful therapy for her. Surgery is the last resort I guess. Only testing she has had is EMG's Any suggestions?

-- Ivonne, New Jersey (, February 16, 2005.

I have a sciatica nerve being pinched by my L5 disc. the pain is horrible. I have been given demeral shots plus several other pills. I had a nerve blocker done today (wow was that painful.) it only lasted 3 hours. I have missed work for a month. I need some advice from anyone who knows about this. Is surgery my only answer? Is so how long will be out of service? Thanks for any input you have...

-- Scott Hider (, February 16, 2005.

Hi Judy Well how are you doing?There seems to be alot of people here that are wondering about tendon transfers. I did go to the neurologist and he did a 2 hour nerve conduction (both legs for some reason) and then a 2 hour emg (again both legs) when he was done he had to rush out and go somewhere so he didnt tell me much,just that I have severe nerve damage, (like I didn't know that) geese!!!!!!!!!! I am having the nurse send me the transcript.I am just about at my wits end. Anyway hope you are doing well and that your out of the afo for good Diane

-- Diane from Seattle (, February 17, 2005.

Hi, Diane. I'm sorry you're still in a bad place. Did you finally get any info about your latest tests?

I have been out of the cast for a week (eight weeks and two days in it) and am able to wear tennis shoes without the AFO and can drive! Freedom! But my foot is very swollen and stiff after the tendon transfer. I am going to physical therapy twice a week and have to wear a tight support stocking during the day and sleep with my foot and ankle in something that looks like a medieval torture device. You can see it at It's not uncomfortable and the premise is good: it passively is stretching my tendons to return me to full range of motion. But this is going to be a long haul. I bet it will be a year before I am "normal."

But it's such a pleasure to look down and not see that foot drooping! I wish you all the best. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.


-- Judi Birnberg (, February 17, 2005.

Judi I am so happy for you. I can't wait for mom to be able to drive.

Diane, you should set up a follow up appintment so he can go over the test results in "english". I am a nurse and still needed assistance interpting the results. The graphs make no sense unless someone is explaining them. I hope you are doing therapy and have the AFO brace.

Good News.... My mom did well today. She is showing improvement to 2 of the 3 muscles. The nerve hasn't yet improved enough to give impulses to the lowest muscle which raises the big toe. The other 2 showed more activity. if it continues to progress as its been then, according to the math of 1mm a day or 1 inch per month of regeneration, then in 14-16 months she should be better. From the point of injury there is about 16 inches to her foot. If there is no improvement then, well you

We stopped to see her therapists that took care of her when she was in in-patient rehab for her knee replacement and think their encouragement was helpful. And also hopeful to any other person with similar problem.

-- Ivonne, New Jersey (, February 23, 2005.

Hi, my name is John, My left side of body is numb from brest down to my foot. Had neck surgery to correct two disc that they say was crushing my spinal cord. Had bone put inplace and metal plate over discs. I also have real bad burning in left foot. Have been on all kinds of med. and burning in foot still there. I am going in for 2nd blocker to spinal cord to try and help foot burning. If this does not work the doc wants to correct a 3rd disc in neck to see if this helps. After that he is talking about some kind of spinal pump to releive nerve. Do they really know what is going on? Foot burns really bad, can't stand to have shoes on or shocks. Anyone else haveing this problem and have had any good results from anything.

-- john (, February 24, 2005.

Hi John Wow you are going through a tough time arenn't you? I would suggest a good site to go to, It is pain There is alot of info and help there, There are nurses and a ton of posts , great people that understand what your talking about, Good Luck and know that you are not alone Diane from Seattle

-- Diane from Seattle (, February 25, 2005.

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