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This happened 2 days ago. For those who have been trading on that site or who have been subscribing to that site, please check to ensure your credit card information was not stored there or stored in the traders who took paypal or nochex or ccnow services ! The owner of the site was arrested along with others in a sweep by F.A.C.T.

-- Daryl Johnston. (, January 17, 2004


Another pirate site will pop up some day, unfortunately.

-- (!@!.!), January 18, 2004.

The owner, Lee Bennett got busted, site closed.

Buyers need not fear, only sellers.

3 of which I know have not been busted.... yet

-- Monkey-Man (, January 19, 2004.

Apparently it isn't just sellers to be worried, anybody whose address is stored on the Pir8 servers (either via PM or to a Pir8 email address) is gonna get a knock on the door

-- Just Someone (, January 19, 2004.

There have been quite a few busts from people on there now. It is advised that if you used it, clear your stuff before you get the knock. I know one guy who never sold/bought/traded anything on there, but has still been busted. All PIR8'ers need to worry and sort their stuff out.

-- A friend (, January 20, 2004.

guys been busted before this n hes getting geared up to run the place a new pretty quick if you ask me has the owner did a deal with ts/police??

-- (, January 20, 2004.

yep i was a member cant see mack grassing peeps up yet i have to wonder about the quickness of him getting out n setting up

-- (, January 21, 2004.

I got busted by TS a while back and they gave me the option of grassing up my contacts in some sort of deal. They actually said and i quote "We aren't actually after ppl like you we want the big fish and if you give us a few names we will drop it right now"

I told them to take a running jump as anybody in the same situation should do, they way i saw it was whether you are a buyer or a seller you know the risk when you trade and YOU pay the price if it ever comes out on top. If you have dropped TS a few names for a lighter sentence then your scum to be honest, we have all made money in this game whther it's been selling for a profit or buying saving us cash.

Anyway good luck to all who traded on Pir8 and i'll se you on the new site no doubt !!!!!!!!

-- A Friend (, January 21, 2004.

Should buyers be worried then chaps?

-- Question man (, January 22, 2004.

what about people who just did the odd swaps??

-- Olga Mad (, January 22, 2004.

Anybody with a brain could see what was going on with pir8 a long time ago."Mack" or Lee Boothe as he is really known who served time a few years ago after closing his hosting webiste down and ripped lots of people off started pir8 purely to earn money.Quibie which was very much like nochex/paypal he also ran and shut down while several people had 1k's in there accounts and never refunded anyone.In the Past few years all the people that have been raided sold more than one type of "back-up",IE DVD,VCD,MP3 etc.Mack gave information to trading standards every so often so his website could stay afloat,and chose the people who took up most "room".Anyone sceptical about this should realise macks first actual words after his arrest to people online was "everyone knew i was busted before i had even get out",yes Mack probably because you started the rumour froma different name.

-- jeff (, January 22, 2004.

shit.its gone, as soon as i am about to get some dvd's and was just gettin into the site,it gets shut down!damn,this sucks.when do u lot reckon a new one will be out?how long will the dudes who got arrested be in jail for?

-- Matthew Pickles (, January 25, 2004.

a couple of macks' previous appearances

-- me (, January 26, 2004.

Does anyone know who's been busted so far? I'm guessing BigM has been caught as he's not sent any replies to people i know have sent him e-mails.

-- frank black francis (, January 26, 2004.

i never sold anythin on there but did alot of tradin, i was still waitin for alot of discs which means alot had my addy in pm's or pir8 email! anyone any idea how long i should leave it before bringin all my discs back from their little holiday to a mates?!

-- cccc (cccc@cccc.cccc), January 27, 2004.

TS are ONLY interested in the big dealers. If they had to visit every person that got stuff from Pir8 then it would take forever and cost too much in tax payers money. I've spoken to several regular sellers since the 15th who haven't heard a peep - Let's face it, they've got much bigger fish to fry. They see shuting down PIR8 as a huge triumph but in reality it only a drop in the ocean. Incidently, I think you'll find a mass exodus of ex-pir8ers at Tradersheaven :) THE SHOW MUST GO ON !!!!

-- Movieman (, January 27, 2004.

Probably right, there must have been many hundreds of registered users. Though at least two I've heard of got raided aswell and they weren't sellers.. I guess they're out to make examples of people after getting their address details somehow. Judging by how many people are panic binning everything dodgy in their houses TS have achieved a minor result without having to visit everyone.

-- Lipa (, January 27, 2004.

There is currently a lot of shite being talked about on this thread and around the net as a whole with regards to the forums, all I can say is keep a close watch on the forums especially around the 11th of February (All longstanding Pir8 members will know what that day is)

-- Mack (, January 28, 2004.

so mack what is that supposed to mean... i myself have been an active member sice tarans days so have we ll been grassed up or wot...i no longer trade but did still use pir8 to buy the odd dvd now and again

-- meme (, January 29, 2004.

Well I`m not going to go into details here for the simple reasion I could be anyone as ther is no way to varify I am who I say I am, but with regards to the thread which stated that my first words we're "everyone knew i was busted before i had even get out"

That statement was made simpley because, there was a mix up between a couple of people who thought a certain house in sheffield had been radied which belonged to me (this is not the case), along with a fellow admin being busted and released pior to me and telling some other users about the cituation, then the server was taken at around 5pm so people put 2+2 together and came up with 4.

Although there is a lot of talk about two traders getting busted, from what I undestand they we're actually dealers on another forum, as one of them is known to of had 6 dupe machines, 1,000+ blank DVDr`s and more movies than your local blockbuster at the time of his raid.

I find it quite strange that someone could even accuse me of tipping of TS with information, for the simple reasion we don`t keep/know any information on our users, we don`t even know any of the dealers personal details let alone (as its not a requirment of the forums), being able to provide details to the TS.

Still I guess we will see a lot of chitchat about this subject in the conspircy section of the forums shortly.

-- Mack (, January 29, 2004.

Well if you are who you say you are, then nice to hear from you Mack. I try to reserve judgement until i get all the facts on a situation so it will be interesting if the site does re-emerge again and to hear ppl's views.

I know it will take time to for ppl to trust the Pir8 forums again, but i hope it gets back it's friendly community spirit it had before all this went down.

As someone said before TS & F.A.C.T have had a nice result with the Pir8 forums being closed with it resulting in more disrution to the buying & selling of warz for all who used it, and they didn't have to spend thousands of pounds on buying samples and wasted man hours raiding ppl's homes to get such a result.

All i can say is, i hope Pir8 forums rises the pheonix from the flames !!!!!

-- One_Eyed_Pir8 (, January 29, 2004.

In truth server being taken was not part of FACT or TS`s orignal plan that only came about due to a colocation bill being on a desk at the time of the raid as I`d only just recived it that same morning.(plus the server was colocated just a stones throw away from me) But nevertheless sever being taken is not the end of the world as data is secured that needed to be secure, just a very expenseive loss for me.

-- Mack (, January 29, 2004.

I was one of the "traders" who got busted and beleive me, I was NOT selling on any forums/sites! I personally think something VERY fishy is going on with this whole situation. I was just a trader on there, nothing big, not even with thousands of "Q Points" you all keep going on about, and I got the knock. I think all subs on pir8 should be weary until this thing is done and dusted and from what I've been told, it could go on till next year.

Keep the "warm fuzzy feeling" alive!!

-- wouldnt you like to know (, January 29, 2004.

11th of Feb was the date that pir8 went live as far as I remember.

-- funky (, January 29, 2004.

If you say that all the info that was needed to be secure on the servers is secure - does that include PMs because a lot of people will have passed address info through PMs and that and IP addys is really all that matters.

I am disappointed with the way the servers were taken and not happy at all about Mack letting it happen so easily. I was assured when I joined that he knew what he was doing and that all info was secure and would never be given up to any authorities.

Everyone always said that it was ridiculous when sellers left buyers details lying around and then the forum owner goes and lands everyone in the shit by not having his servers secure.

I was very happy with pir8 until all this shit happened and I screwed up a lot more people than it should have. Basically, if the servers were as secure as they should have been then only the people who were initially raided or who knew that they had sold or traded openly to many people would be worried. But because they were taken and no-one knows what they have put in PMs or anything else over the time on there has had to clear house - losing qite a few people a lot of money.

There is also the sellers who traded under a different pir8 name to conceal their Identity - I think they are gonna be the first to be busted next as TS/FACT are gonna match up their IP details/lists etc and if they have ever PMd any addy in trade Bob's your Uncle.

Thats all I have to say about that

-- iago (, January 29, 2004.

I don't have any reason to believe that it isn't Mack. I can remember some of his replies when he didn't use spell checker. LOL. And if it isn't, there is one sad mofo out there. I had been a participator in the pir8 forums for some time and traded a few times towards the end. I was led there, initially, in a google search for answers to some "home movie" transfer-to-disc questions I had and just seemed to stay: logging on daily and getting drawn in deeper. I know that most were drawn by the chance of cheap pre-release movies and don't blame them one bit. Everyone loves a bargain. But now that we are all in the same boat perhaps Mack can answer a few questions that a lot of ex-pir8s are asking.

What was stored on the server and how accessible is the info.,

Are deleted e-mails and PMs still able to be found,

How far do you think the TS are going to take this,

If your property is "clean", what is likely to happen?

Anybody else who has had adverse dealings with TS please reply with your experiences.

To all others who are still concerned may I suggest that you do a thorough clean of house and machine (HD cleaner and toothcomb through e-mails) for the next little while.

Looking forward to the anniversary!

-- N_Other_Ex_Pir8 (, January 29, 2004.

So if I loose all of my hooky DVD's and XBox games, do I still need to clean up my PC, cus it would be easier to stick it in a box and never use it again rather than try to find a single item of legal software for it ? I only bought stuff on Pir8, never "traded" or sold. Should I be brickin' it, and how long for ? Also, if I never registered on Pir8 (can't remember if I did or not), and never posted, but just e-mailed dealers and ordered direct, will I get any come back, or do you dealers keep all info safe / ditched when sent?

-- Worry Wart (, January 29, 2004.

If you saw the "Sheffield Today" you'd see that it was part of a culmination of a year long operation that ENDED with the raid and seizure of items. It then goes on to say that they also found kiddie porn - sick if true - but in my opion a complete pile of bull.

TS have got what they wanted. There is no need to get rid of your insignificant purchases - otherwise they'd be chapping on the doors of everyone that went to weekend markets and car boot sales too.

Don't forget that in order to make that chap they have to obtain a warrant from the courts and in order to get that they need to take proof to the magistrates. There not going to ask for hundreds of warrants - it's just too time consuming (and expensive) - so if your a minnow ... relax, it's not going to happen.

-- Movieman (, January 29, 2004.

They may not come round with a search warrant but they can quite easily come round for a 5 minute chat with people they find are interesting from the servers. What they can also do - as they did with busts in the past - is send police round to the house on an anonymous tip-off that there are stolen goods in the premises and when they arrive and find any disks they call TS/FACT and get them to turn up.

I still want to know why there have been 20ish busts and only about 6 or 7 named people that were busted. Remember also that people who claim to have been busted might be TS themselves so they get sympathy and get into other 'secret' forums.


-- hehehehahaha (, January 29, 2004.

@ movieman

Believe me mate, this is far from over! I was told in my questioning that there will be an ongoing investigation for the next few months to gather AS MUCH EVIDENCE NEEDED to birng peeps in. This is apparently one of the biggest cases of its kind and I think you will be very naive to think that this will end with just the busts that have taken place. The whole point of taking the server is to gather more evidence on the "big fish" on pir8, the ones raided so far in my opinion are only the small timers. I have been told of one who was busted who hasnt done anything for months!

-- ex pir8eer (, January 30, 2004.

The ONLY certified dealer busted was Trinity NO other dealers were / have been done so far.So unless you have proof plz dont go throwing other names around the internet as it only highlights them when they may want to keep low key for obvious reasons.


the ts are not comming for anyone they have the ones they want pir8 admin why i dont know if they wanted to bust anyone they wood have by now dont be suckers thats what ts want get on with your lives and get selling/trading and keep ts in a job and for f_cks sake dont go typing any ones names that have not bin busted on here becouse if you think that ts are not viewing all this then your mad

-- mr best (, January 30, 2004.

Christ you really do have to spell it out for some people don't you.

I know the cops arent interested if they find stuff on a normal job. If you read what I posted I am saying that TS/FACT phone friends in the police and tell them to say that they have had an anonymous tip of about a house with stolen goods. The police go round on this pretence (knowing full well that they are only going to find pir8 goods) and phone TS/FACT who are sat by the phone waiting for the police to get back to them.

Do you really think it takes that much time out of their day to get evidence. When people say they have been looking to pir8forums for a year they think that that is all they have done. It takes 5 minutes to set up info 30 minutes to type a report and 2 mins to file until you get feedback.

Pir8forms WAS a good forum but if you EVER traded on it or sold you should clear your house because they are going to send of the servers to a dedicated department to be assesed and have all the outcomes passed on to them in a report. They then follow up anything they see fit.

I saw someone post that with a criminal record (which you WILL get if they find anything in your house - even if its just a caution) you are screwed for life. Basically, if you think its bad now looking over your shoulder ('just in case') then think how it will be if you have to disclose the record on every job application for LIFE. Plus the fact that if you ever want to go on holiday (especially to America where they have the new Visas coming in this year) the country you are going to can refuse you entry with this kind of activity against you.

The FACTS (excuse the pun) are;

1) No-one knows if they are doing more busts but the peolple who have been busted are saying they will be

2) If you are found with anything in your house you are fucked for life - OK it may only be a slight burden but we are talking about your life here for the sake of getting off your arse and moving your gear somewhere else

3) (with relation to sellers and traders on pir8) People keep going on about pir8 coming back and still being good etc. Pir8 is dead for sellers and traders because Mack made it seem like there was a safe environment for people to make use of when there clearly wasn't. I think pir8 was great (but I would never have used it how I did if I had know that it was so easy to get the servers with all the info on them). Pir8 is dead as a site - people will be able to use it to discuss 'stuff' but who really cares about that anyway - thats what real people are for in the real world - the bloody world we were trying to keep away from by using pir8

Guess that wasn't all I had to say about that ;-)

Bring it on...

-- hehehehahaha (, January 30, 2004.

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