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In another thread there is a discussion surrounding the booing of President Bush during his visit to the grave of Dr. King, some felt on this board that it was inappropiate to boo and protest the visitation of President Bush.

When we look at Dr. King's legacy and place in american history, it is important and crucial to note that he was against the war in viet nam and so the connection between the war and racism in addition to economic justice.

Programs for the poor were being cut, food and education programs to support the war effort, those being most affected by these cuts were black americans. Dr. King's shift from total attention on the civil rights movement to dividing his energy between civil rights and the anti-war movement, was a natural progression. Dr. King was passionate about how our tax dollars were being spent on a war that would drag on and on is well documented. The war that he felt needed addressing was the "war on poverty"

Dr. King's ministry and political stance were deeply rooted in biblical teachings that advocate that the poor be taken care. The ame church has always seen the importance of discussing politics in the church, for this is a denomination that was founded by those who were not allowed to vote, policy's regarding our lives have been by those who have no vested interest in us except on election day.

If you remember your history, king was not supportive of Johnson re-election because of his stance on the vietnam war.

The protestors in atlanta were carrying on a rich tradition, having prophetic voice, that would engender conversation on how we are spending tax dollars. 87 million dollars to fight a war in Iraq to get rid of Saddam, only to have the shiite population demand their aioytollah hold elections immediately and that the us leave.

Monies, that were promised for countries in africa fighting aids have not been delivered, the increase in homelessness and poverty is on the rise in america. We can no longer be quiet, we can no longer sit back and do nothing. Our denomination is focusing on voting as a way to make change.

And to those who are republicans, I am not asking you to change, I am asking that all of us use the political mechanism in place to effect change for those who need help. We have got to look at how american policies are affecting everyone around the world and have a prophetic voice. I cannot speak for Dr. King of course, but I like to think that he would smile, knowing that there were those who were still protesting in 2004.

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2004


Most of the gripes I hear against conservatives in general and GW in particular have to do with the supposed non-committment to the poor. Did anyone ever stop to think they might be just as committed, only they take an approach they feel is better?

First, I like to help the poor by creating a business friendly environment that creates jobs.

Second, I have a real problem with giving money to people who refuse to give up their lives of out of wedlock sex and childbirth. Is it 70% in some communities now? Where's the shame?

I also have a problem with giving money to people who refuse to give up lives of substance abuse. I recall reading an article where a heroin addict in San Francisco eagerly awaited his "payday" as he called it - the day his welfare check arrived.

Third, I have a problem giving money to people who make themselves unemployable due to their overwhelming resistance to authority, be it a boss, teachers, the police, or other authorities placed over us by the Lord.

These lifestyles are sin. I'm willing to give people a hand out of them, and I've contributed to an excellent drug rehab program (Life Challenge). I've also contributed to a crisis pregnancy center, a ministry to kids in inner city Dallas, and I support a little girl in Equador.

The difference between these ministries and the welfare state is they demand repentance and accountability. The ministries expect to see lifestyle change. Jesus not only forgave sins, He also said "Go and sin no more". That is a key thing the government, and way too many ministries don't do.

So while there may be differences of opinion on how to help the poor, don't make the mistake of believing conservatives don't care. They simply demand a change of lifestyle along with the help.

In the meantime, many of you have allied yourselves with some of the most demonic organizations out there (pro-abortion groups, gay rights groups, radical environmentalists, feminists) all under the umbrella of the Democratic party.

Dr. King never had to address some of these issues or groups because in the '60's they were just coming to the surface. If he were alive today would he dirty his name by associating with them?

BTW, because we left Vietnam the evangelical Christian church now has to meet in secret. The anti-war forces, including MLK acted as accomplices to the communists, and thousands died. Good job!

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2004

My sister: I certainly respect your well thought out comments on Dr. King. I agree that Dr. King in the latter part of his ministry was in opposition to the war in Viet Nam. This was true of most americans as we became bogged down in that war. But that does not say Dr. King opposed all wars. I left the Air Force because I was opposed to the Viet Nam war, but I fully supported the first and second Gulf wars. For indeed we are currently in Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people from the dictator Saddam. President Clinton sent troops to Hati to restore the elected president of Hati. In Panama, under Bush 42, we removed a dictatorship. And in Korea 9in opposition to Communism), WWII (in opposition to Hitler's agression in Europe and we were attacked by Japan), and WWI (to stop the agression by Germany),we were as concerned about others as much as our own nation. So we have a history of fighting wars of liberation of others. Furthermore it is the responsibility of the strong to protect the human rights of the weak including nations as well as individuals. I trust that Dr. King would oppose all wars but would make a decision on the merits of each war.

Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2004

So Brother RP, I guess it is better to be associated with a great conservative President who labled all women on welfare as "welfare queens" and made a point about how minor racism is in America. So much so, because he has "never witnessed any racism". Or those stalwart social conservatives who beleive in "state rights" with dealing with the "negro problem". Or maybe it's ok to have a death penalty when even that penalty has been proven to be used unjustly and dispropotionally against African Americans (THANK GOD FOR DNA), with the Superme Court of the United States validated the same. We are very fortunate to have such a conservative court, why a liberal court might have had the audacity to not only agree with that finding, but heaven forbid, it might had acted. But what the heck, it's all institutionlized now so lets forget about "Dread Scott" and the "one-third human" things and since you had never committed any acts of racism why should history bother you and what part does history play with todays conditions and mind set. I must apolgize, that stuff is all ancient history, what am I thinking of. I'll be sure to remind my friend to forget about that ancient history stuff, I mean, why should he continue to remember the lynching of his uncle. Rev. L. Jones

-- Anonymous, January 18, 2004

I think that none of what you are concerned about would even matter-- if we as a country, didn't take care of our security first. This means making sure that our military is the best it can be, and that we rid the world of the evil threats from such dictators as Saddam.

President Bush had the guts to do what had to be done, in spite of perceived popular opinion. Now that we are more secure--maybe we can handle the homefront issues and even continue to poor tons of money into other countries to help them fight disease and starvation.

But we must be secure and strong--if we are to be of any help to anyone else.

Just my two cents...


-- Anonymous, January 18, 2004

RP is out of tune, I sure hope we don't have a quanity of RP's out there, less we all would be set back 20/30 years.

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2004

Hope dropped her two cents on the discussion board and she said we are now more secure. My question to her is how do you know? What has changed? Bin Laden is still free, there still exists a great deal of animosity around us. Oh hip hip hoo-ray Saddam is captured but our president the author of no lie left behind now wants to take away every nuance of freedom and privacy of American citizens in the so-called Patriot Act.

I am sorry but I don't feel any safer nor more secure than I felt before 9-11 because my security never rested with GW anyway.

I continue to pray for peace in Iraq especially because we still have church members over there and I would hate for them to become "victims" as we now search not for WMD but for the evidence that perhaps maybe there were plans for WMD's.

I am glad the Iraqis are free. Now let's find some jobs for Americans. Ohh that's right they don't count. We got Saddam!

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2004

Yes JM, there are many like me. Those like me make up the great majority in the US Military, especially the officers. They're out there now sacrificing to keep you safe. You're welcome.

There are a few others like me in my great state of Texas. As a result the only democrats we have in office are at the local level and individual congressional districts. Not a single democrat holds statewide office. Not the governor, not the Lt governor, not the attorney general, neither of the US senators...

I doubt you listen to country music. I don't either, but living here you're bound to hear a song that says "God bless Texas!"

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2004


I hope the majority of our military officers are not racists like you and your ilk. That makes me sick.

If that is indeed the case more prayer is needed than ever!

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2004

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