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This is totally off-topic, but . . .

. . . it's cute, isn't it? Anyone else have any interesting links or is everyone just gonna ignore me?

-- Ashly Kehl (, January 16, 2004


wow, scary

-- Grant Griz (, January 16, 2004.

Im really gonna get it for this one

trust me, you cant beat my score of 535 MPH

-- Grant Grismore (, January 16, 2004.

I've actually been to Spank the Monkey before. You can get waaaaayyy higher than 535 mph by cheating (move the cursor off the game screen and then around to the other side).

-- Ashly Kehl (, January 16, 2004.

But how did you manage to get 535 mph *without* cheating?

-- Ashly Kehl (, January 16, 2004.

Oh yeah, 564 MPH...cheating of course, lol.

-- Doug (, January 16, 2004.

i didnt know about that, im going to go beat my score!

-- Grant Grismore (, January 16, 2004.

Ooh, 631 mph...

-- Sam (, January 17, 2004.

Anyone have something else, besides Spank the Monkey?

-- Ashly Kehl (, January 17, 2004.

ooooo check this out...

I think this is an awesome thing for some reason. It is just so much fun to contort this skeleton in different ways and such. Anyways... enjoy?

-- Max W. (, January 18, 2004.

Yeah, it's cute. Oddly enough I've been there before too, or at least my mom has because she knew what it was; I don't think there are too many good internet games.

In any case I'm going around looking for links to post, but here's a site I knew about already:

Go here for stupid stuff, especially the naked kyaking. It's fun. Also the sections "a Gigantic Nuclear Furnace" and "a Temperature of Millions of Degrees" in the Blog contain certain passages from a 1945 kid's book on astronomy, which was appearantly written by someone more fucked-up then I am.


-- Ashly Kehl (, January 19, 2004.

I really do have to re-recommend - - Must sees include:

Andrew Gonzalez - Among my faveourite psychadelia "for men" :p

Michael Portley - Do read his exposition.

Alex Grey - Brilliant. Will probably be familiar with his work (Artist for Tool). Apparently he gained ideas and inspiration from working in a morgue.

Paul Michael Austin - His so called "ink blots", are near, sublime as anything I have ever gazed into.

Also not to be missed is - - An amazing site about this and that. Go see what I mean.

-- Sam (, January 19, 2004.

try this out:

(artificial intelligence 20 questions)

-- Doug (, January 19, 2004.

Great link! Ever try to fool the AI by contradicting yourself or clicking things randomly?

-- Ashly Kehl (, January 20, 2004.

Y'know, there's this guy named Herve Martin who used to have this bitchen site with an enormous load of his graphic art and a little mini-video game he made [called "Exploration"], only now the site is down (the site is down because Club Internet is down, it's been down for months and I wish those lazy dick-gobblers would FIX IT). He did, like, the coolest photo-messing I've ever seen and these are a few other places where you can find his stuff:

- Ashly

PS - It's cool that Mark Mars posted again. I was wondering where he'd been.

-- Ashly Kehl (, January 25, 2004.

i think this thred is officially dead now.

-- ashly kehl (, January 29, 2004.

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