I have an article in the latest issue of the ame review

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Hi, everyone, I have an article in the ame review which you should be getting shortly, if you have not already received it.

It is called "Monophysites from Chalcedon to Nubia" it tells the journey of Christianity to Nubia." I am an egyptologist and my specialty is Christianity in Nubia.

There are some excellent articles and Rev. J.A. Delaine is featured, what legacy he left us. Did anyone know him?

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2004


Rev. Joseph Armstrong J. A. DeLaine, (1898-1974)

The United States Supreme Court combined five cases under the heading of Brown v. Board of Education, because each sought the same legal remedy to their racially segregated school systems. The combined cases emanated from Delaware, Kansas, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, DC. The case from Claredon County, South Carolina was the Briggs v. Elliot case. By 1951, community activist, teacher, and AME Pastor, Rev. J. A. DeLaine (1898-1974), convinced African American parents to join the NAACP efforts to file a class action suit in U.S. District Court. I am from Williamsburg County, South Carolina and our county is next to Claredon County where this historical event occurred. My grandfather pastored an AME Church in Claredon County and in the same presiding elder's district as Rev. J. A. DeLaine during that same period of time. The name of that presiding elder's district is the Manning District of the Central Conference of the Seventh Episcopal District.

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2004

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