i been told it may not be pearths

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i have been told my son might not have pearths,but it may be a problem in the hip bone it self?? was any one else ever told this.the reason behind this i was told as my son has rotting of both hips at the same time and due to the lenght of time he has had it. i believe my son was born wiv pearths,but keep getting told that it isnt possible he was. he would fall over many times from 12months and suddenly drop to the floor.i got 3 older children and knew this wasnt right.finaly after 5years of being told my son had growing pains and weak ligaments i got referd to birmingham childrens hospital i was in there 2 minutes and the physio told me i think your son has pearths but dont worry it should be at the end by now!!!.after reading your letters im not so sure it is,so if anyone could shed some light on wheter they were told the problem could be bone.would be gratful to here more

-- stephanie salt (laurachance7@hotmail.com), January 15, 2004

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