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1) What was his favorite book he wrote?

2) Where did his ideas come from?

3)Did his addictions affect his work?

4)How hard was it to stay focused on his work with all those tragedies?

5)Who or What influenced his Work?

6)When did you start writing?\

7)How was your childhood?

8)Did you fear tuberculosis?

9)How was your social life?

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2004


5)The death surrounding him influenced his work.

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2004

For a full length book(he wrote few of those, onre a textbook on seashells, the other an unsuccessful novel) he originally was most enthused about "Eureka" that gave his most worked out personal theories on art and the universe. His favorite story was "Ligeia". His favorite poem as he listed them is harder to determine, but he seemed to draw back from "The Raven" in recognition that several of his poems are great, even ones not so well known to most people.

Ideas came from his imagination, his dreams, travels, readings and his tastes and Muses. His addictions ruined and killed him despite his creative genius. They detracted from his work and he needed supprort, and often leaned on recycling works, moving or getting fired from several magazines. he had an early happy childhood and sttarte dhis writing then in school, but only decided on a career after he left the military. He had many friends throughout the regions he worked and was a big hit as a litarary lion and poet with the ladies, toward whom he was very gentlemanly and Platonic(for the most part) despite the emotive conventions of the Romantic style.

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2004

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