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Can anybody help me. I was wondering if anybody has been in my situation and what the outcome was. We have a suspended order of possession. The Abbey National solicitor has sent us a letter saying that our arrears have no been re-instated (they were captilised in August)and we have to pay the full arrears of 17000 within 7 days. They have done this as we have been alittle late with payments but we are upto date with them. I have written to the solicitor and advised him of this and I have said we will start paying the extra 250 a month on top of our normal mortgage. This is what was agreed when it first went to court. I would be interested to know if anybody has been in a similar situation as myself and what was the outcome of it. The abbey national do not care at all how they treat people

-- Caroline Hui (carrots@onetel.net.uk), January 14, 2004

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