Let us take time to pray and say "I love you!"

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It seems in the last 8 months there have been so many called home to be with God. Their pain is over, their work is done and now they are receiving their reward with King Jesus.

We as believers know we will see them again, but it is still so hard to lose a loved one. Scipture tells us to encourage and love one another and that also means to tell one another how much we love each other. I would hate to lose someone and they never knew I love them. I am going to begin a list and I encourage you to add on to it.

It seems in the last several months so many of our dedicated laborers in this denomination. Our beloved Rev. Fisher called home in March of 2003, started the ame-today to dispence information and provide a way for us all to meet. Oh, how I miss his emails. Let us lift one another with love and let nothing or anyone destroy this board or keep us from doing the work God called us to do in the ame church.

Robert Matthews III, I love you with all of my heart and soul. I love Bill Dickens and my beloved sister Jenny and the kids, Carmen Buchannan, Felicia, Rev. Mike & Linda Barta, Rev. Harper, his beautiful wife Rev. Harper and their son, Jerryl Payne and Rev.Brenda Payne, Jazzman,Mattie Tyler, Rev. Paris, Dr. Cecil Murray, Rev. Royd Mwandu my son, Presiding Elder Albert Biwa, Rev. Hanse, my great and fearless leaders Bishop Bryant, Dr. Cee, Presiding Elder Roberson, Bob McCain, Barbara A. Robinson, Felicia and so many more that space does not permit. Each and everyone of you have been there for all of us on the board. I love you all dearly,

Please tell someone that you love them.

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2004


The third paragraph should say " in the last several months we have lost so many of our dedicated laborors"

I also love my brother Harold Gibson and my little brother Ray Allen. Now tell someone on the board you love them and pass it on.

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2004

Rev Rogers,

Our loss has been their gain. Paul says to live is Christ but to die is gain. Still we do greive when we lose a loved one. It is good for us to remember them and all of the wonderful ways God used them to brighten our lives. It is those memories that will give us joy.

I have met through cyber space wonderful people on this board. Reading this board helps me with current events in the political arena. The people on this board are most intelligent. I love the quick-witted responses from Prof Dickens. You are a great writer, and I imagine there is never a dull moment in your classroom. Mr. "RP",you keep me on my toes. We don't always have to agree, but we must get alone. The Pastors on this board are wonderful. Rev. Rogers, you have the heart of a shepherd. Pastor Paris, I feel your sincerity whenever I read your post.

The women on this board got it going on. Sister Mary Brooks, you must be some orator, because there is so much passion in your post, and Rev. Brenda Payne, and Barbara Robinson, you know how to hang in there and hold your own with these heavyweights. I live in Indianapolis, and if any of you are coming to the conference it would be my pleasure to meet you.

Brother Matthews, your life is a testimony and you are indeed a blessing. Jazzman, whenever I see your name, my heart says "He's a God Chaser." I love your spirit.

Rev Harper and Harold Gibson, you tell it like it is and do so with Christian integrity.

I really admire all of the women preachers on this board. I know you must go through at times, but remain faithful to your calling.

I don't mean to leave out anyone, so let me say I appreciate you all.


-- Anonymous, January 14, 2004

Sister Carmen, you will see Danielle and I in Indianapolis, so we can't wait. You said something that I want to respond to, and of course everything you say is wonderful.

But you spoke of knowing what we as clergywoman go through on this board, I am so happy that you lifted that up, for there is still work to be done in the church so that all that God has called by name can be used to glorify God.

I have been a pastor for 23 years, and God tends to use me in areanas where I am the first clergywoman, my first church I was assigned, 150 people walked out because I was the first woman on the pulpit to preach. They had planned it for weeks, to stage this protest. Well, I did not quit, and God gave me the gift to preach, so those who stayed called everyone to tell them about the sermon and the song I sang, and what they missed. The next month at that church in trenton, NJ. they did not like the red lipstick I wore, and started a controversy over that, the following week the mass choir processed in with tubes of lipstick held in their hand, including the men in support of me. I loved that church, it was hard but I grew so much.

The next church I was at was all white, they had never had a black person on staff, so that was a different challenge. Then I was an aids chaplain in the first hospice in NYC when the epedemic broke out, they did not like me because I was black, a woman and straight.

Through it all, I never turned back. Today I am the only black clergywoman that is ordained in my entire state. I am blessed to have two men on my staff that respect me. Do I do men's ministry? YES! I am the pastor, and as such I oversee all ministries that is my job. My director of men's ministry and my sons of allen chaplains are my right hands. For they follow up during the week with visits and phone calls. So we work together as a team.

But what I want to emphasize, is that through all the struggles, God was there protecting me, wheather it was from bomb threats, laity that wanted to run the church etc. And there have always been wonderful men who support and have helped my ministry. We hear all too often of men who try to block women in ministry but we need to lift up those men who support women in ministry for they are out there!

I have had professors buy my text books for me in college and seminary. Pastor's and professors pay my rent for seminary, pastors who stood up to their congregations so I could preach. Male pastors who have patroled my home to protect me from the KKK and they the pastors were white. A Bishop who took a chance on someone he did not know. Rev. Paris, Robert Matthews III, Bill Dickens, Rev. Wilson, Dr. Dennis Dickerson, Dr. Fugh, Dr. Harris and so many men in this denomination, Dr. Ellis Casson, who stood by me to bring me into my conference and so many who have been there for me and the list continues to grow. Today God has blessed me with a spiritual father in the form of Dr. Cecil Murray a pastor who pastor's a 18,000 member church in Los Angeles, takes time to write me several times a week to encourage me and let me know that I have family.

Thank you to all of our brothers who stand in solidarity with clergywomen, for you too have been persecuted for standing in the gap and helping those called to be preacherwomen. One day the walls of sexism will come down, until then thank you for those who speak out on behalf of clergywomen.

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2004

Sister Denise and Sister Carmen Do you know that I could not get AME-Today Discussion for over 48 hours and I was like the proverbial "fish out of water." I missed hearing from so many of you. I love my brothers and sisters on this BB.

Now, as far as General Conference is concerned, I think the BB needs a hospitality room in one of the hotels so that we can put a face with the name. Carmen can you help arrange this??? I'm a delegate, so I will certainly be there.

I want to meet as many of you as possible. Rev. Fisher and I arranged to meet during the 2000 Conference. I was working at one of the candidate's booths, so he was able to find me.

I will certainly miss seeing him at the 2004 General Conference.

Let's meet while we are able Saints!

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2004

Barbara the board was down for 3 days. Carmen is not ame, but she is our biological sister. I am hoping that an ame pastor in the 4th district will invite Carmen to their church and perhaps she will become an affiliate member.

We do not want to steal anyone from their church, but perhaps Carmen will see the light and realize she is really ame;-)

My daughter and I will be there assisting connectional officer Loretta hill with the DMC. Carmen will be there too! And I heard through the grapefine that Carmen and her family make the best bar-b- que chicken and ribs in the world, and Carmen makes cabbage, black eyes peas and cornbread.

So we may need to rethink the booth and just go to Carmen's house;-)

It will be great to see everyone.

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2004

I will be more than happy to do whatever I can to meet with you and put faces with the names.

Give me dates and let me know how I can be of service to you.


-- Anonymous, January 15, 2004

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