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I have been doing transfers for about two years, and am experiencing an issue that I canít resolve. I use type 59 (4x5 film) with a view camera, and take an image of a B&W photo on a copy stand. I was normally getting a very good brown / sepia tone on my images unless the film was too old, then I would get more of a green cast.

Now I am getting a green cast on all of my images. I have tried two new packs of Type 59 film (exp 5/04) as well as tried other variables like paper. I have talked to Polaroid Technical Support as well. I am wondering if you have seen that type of issues before? I could use any advice you have.

Any help is appreciated!

Best regards, Kevin

-- Kevin Barnes (kevin.barnes@lefthandnetworks.com), January 13, 2004


Kevin, I just had the same problem with type 59. After trying a few shots and reading the technical documentations I figured out that it was caused by reciprocity law failure. My exposured were 1/8 and 1/15 of a second. Trying again with strobes returned the colour to normal. According to another source type 59 starts going green fast for exposures under 1/125. Hope this helps. :)

-- Paul Sab (fractalhorizon@yahoo.com.au), May 13, 2004.

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