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Wasnt he abused as a child?* Wasnt he a drug addict?* Wasnt he involved with his cusin?* Why was his poetry so deep and dark?* Did he have any children?* How did he die?* At what age did he die?*was he have any head problems?* Who was his mother and father? What were there background and what did they have to do with poe?

if you could anawer these and write me back that would be great. Thanks

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2004


Start a good biography. You can get some details online at various websites running out of baltimore. and knowingpoe/ Your questions are framed as if you have been exposed to wilder inaacurate things. For an orphan he had a happy childhood. It was more accpetable to marry your cousin back then. Even the age of Virginia was not illegal. He married her on the rebound so it was a particularly boundless passion. No children.

The darkness of his poetry is not all that dark, considering the tastes of the time, but somewhat stark and very specially intense in the recurring themes. His dispositiuon was touched by melancholy which he nonetheless mined happily for inspiration as much as Gothic terrors which contained some fascination. Perhaps it touched upon his fears and insecurities, especially doubts about himself, but that underlying mood is not to be confused with the stock subject matter of the common Gothic of his times. His chief problem was of course alcoholism, or perhaps his lonely genius and awkwardness in worldly matters. His mother and father were actors, his mother talented, abandonned by the alcoholic failure Poe. Both died when Poe was an infant. Only by heredity did they have influence beyond Poe's knowledge of their acting background.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2004

Of all the information in this world, very little is on the Net. Go to your local library and check out a few books on Poe. You'll find more there that in any source that has to rely on bandwidth.

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2004

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