why did u choose to write?

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hey..i need 5 facts on why poe decided to start writing..? please help me!

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2004


First and last a poet, Poe penned verses when quite young, encouraged by teachers, classmates, and a classmate's mother Jane Stannard. He was a natural. Ltaer though he gave up education and a military career to concentrate solely on literature, the one and only p[profession of professions. Discouraged perhaps from writing poems solely because of his natural difficulties with long poems and the first chapbook his cadet friends were disappointed in(they were expecting humourous satires) Poe churned out tales then articles and review for the magazines and papers of the day. Finally his poetic achievements came to full light and acceptance with hits such as "The Raven."

Allways he was trying to express his genius and usually capture the moods of his unique Muse with consummate skill.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2004

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