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The six pointed Star, is it the Star of David? Dear reader, have you noticed the strong move to merge Christianity into Judaism?

If you have not, we pray this issue of Despatch will make you aware. A recent issue of a Christian newsletter, sent from an organization which has been building bridges to the Jewish people for many years, stated that the STAR OF DAVID was the most Christian symbol a believer could wear!This is not so.

The SIX POINTED STAR is actually a New Age occult symbol.

QUESTIONS ??? We should ask about this Star are:

Is this star the Star of Solomon - not the star of David? Is it an occult symbol, not a Christian Symbol? Is it the sign of the New World Order under Lucifer? Facts about the Six Pointed Star: It has an amazing background, right back into ages past. It is forbidden as a symbol, by the Word of God. It may be the MARK OF THE BEAST ( I say MAY BE - we don't know. Remember that the Bible tells us in Revelation 13:17 that there will be the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name). .

HERE IS A SUMMARY OF information on the HEXAGRAM, or six-pointed star and elements which bear relationship to our subject... The star was mentioned and condemned by the God of Israel in Amos 5:26 and it was called by Him, `the star of your god, Moloch' or otherwise called `Chiun'. Reference to Amos 5:26 and the Israelites having it in the wilderness was also made in Acts 7:43. Here it was called the Star of Remphan. All these names refer to the `god' Saturn. The foregoing verifies that it was therefore in existence long before the time of Solomon. He took this symbol upon himself when he went into idolatry, and it became known as the `Seal of Solomon' in Arabic magic and witchcraft. There was no usage of it in Jewish circles until the 17th century when the cabalist, Isaac Luria, introduced it in Germany. Mayer Amschel Bauer then used it in Germany to identify his address, consequently changing his family name to Rothschild, meaning `Red Shield', and depicting the red hexagram hanging on his door. He later incorporated it into his family coat of arms. The six-pointed star or hexagram became the insignia of Zionism. Hitler rose to power, using it as a badge of shame, forcing all Jews to wear it during the Nazi regime. It arrived at the Knesset of the newly formed State of Israel. It became the logo of the Jewish `Red Cross' called the Magen David Adom. It became the centerpiece on the flag of Israel. Surreptitiously, it has become the international symbol of the Jewish people and saturates the world as the Jewish Star.

The Hexagram is 666. The hexagram, or six pointed star, certainly has three sixes. It contains a six, within a six, within a six: 666. (Count the sides of each triangle facing the clockwise direction, the sides facing the counter-clockwise direction, and the third six - the sides of the inner hexagon). And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth THE MARK OF HIS NAME. (Revelation 14:11).

In the book ANCIENT PAGAN SYMBOLS, the hexagram is called Solomon's Seal, not David's. It says...

"The triangle, the geometrical emblem of three things, one above two, the two lower uniting to produce the higher, or the union of the positive and negative forces to produce the third, is the most complex and mystical as it is the most UNCOMPROMISING of all symbols. ....Three has been called the very soul of magic, astrology and divination." 1.

The book goes on to talk about the Hindu triad, the Buddhist triad and others, but here we draw the line on the details.

Solomon's Seal was accepted as occult by the occult world. King Solomon became involved in witchcraft and occultism. (Although Solomon was greatly used of the Almighty God).


"King Solomon, traditionally known as an ARCH MAGICIAN [author's italics], used a SPELL [author's italics] to banish infernal beings sent by the king of demons to EXTRACT HUMAN HEARTS . . . [The names of the demons are then given.]" 2.

"Solomon's Mirror. A mirror used for divination". It is described and they go into what is done with the blood of A PIGEON.

In the book THE HISTORY AND PRACTICE OF MAGIC, Vol. 2, the six-pointed star is called the talisman of Saturn. It is illustrated obverse and reverse. The latter is the Seal of Solomon; the former is the five pointed star, commonly called the pentagram. Details are given on how to make these symbols and the materials to use. 2. .

The Hexagram - 666 - Sign of Satan. The insignia of the Globalists, Cabalism, the Rothschilds and Zionism - The Hexagram. SHOULD CHRISTIANS WEAR THE SIX POINTED STAR, THE HEXAGRAM? SURELY NOT! TO DO SO IS AN ABOMINATION TO OUR GOD!

At the time of publication of the book, "The Six Pointed Star", by O.J. GRAHAM, in the 1980's, these figures were given. 30% of the Jews living in Israel were not religious at all, even atheists. Of the remaining 70%, the majority were religious only formally, few were deeply committed. O.J. Graham, himself of Jewish ancestry, now a Christian journalist writes...

"The Jewish Almanac does not explain which Jews decided to make the six-pointed star the symbol of Jewry, nor does it state when such a vote took place.

Some Jews will have nothing to do with this symbol; others do not care to check it out. The majority of people could not care less. Some are shocked to learn it is pagan, but do not think that the matter is important."

What then is the Real Symbol of the Hebrew People? The number seven, not the number six is God's perfect number. The symbol given to God's chosen race, as far back as Exodus is the Menorah, or seven branched candle-stick.

Read all about this Menorah, which played such a vital role in the Tabernacle and was placed in the Holy Place in Exodus 25. More verses about the Menorah are, 1 Kings 7:49; 11 Chronicles 4:7. Also in the New Testament, Matthew 5:15 ; Rev. 1, 2 & 19:16.

RECOMMENDED READING ON THE STAR: The Six Pointed Star, by O.J. GRAHAM. Published by New Puritan Library.

References: 1. Elizabeth Goldsmith, ANCIENT PAGAN SYMBOLS (New York: The Knickerbocker Press, 1929, reprinted by A.M.S. Press Inc., New York), p.150. 2. Baskin, p.544. 3. Paul Christian, THE HISTORY AND PRACTICE OF MAGIC (Secaucus, NJ: University Books, published by arrangement with Lyle Stewart, 1979), Vol.II, p.304.

New Age - Universal Brotherhood

...Six-pointed Star worship. "...The light and love of God is within every human heart. It is called by some `the inner light' and by others `the atman'. White Eagle, our own teacher...,who directs us in this particular work of prayer, calls it `the Christ light'

We focus our efforts to pray by visualising a powerful symbol: the symbol of a six-pointed star, shining like the sun and radiating God's healing light to all the world.

The six-pointed star is a symbol which actually works in a magical way to help stimulate the light within every human heart.

It is a symbol for the new age, portraying men and women, , working in partnership with God, as creator as, of the Golden Age which is surely coming..."

New Age quote also from the same material... "There are many ways open to man, but there is one unfailing, one certain true way for man to establish God's kingdom on earth. [Emphasis Despatch] This is by the light which is within himself. Daily endeavour to realise your true self which is buried deep in your innermost being. Remember always the quiet, pure true contact within the sanctuary of your own being. Be true to your own spirit, and in being true to yourself you will be true also to God and the universal brotherhood. Practice this daily realisation of the great white light within your own being and project it forth into the world of men. Then my friends, the mists around the earth will gradually be dispelled. Do not look to others of do the work for you. Every man is his own saviour, and every man is the saviour of all mankind...White Eagle "

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2004



-- Anonymous, January 14, 2004

i love satan and i wish to learn all his magic powers.i will even sacrifice my virginity to him.i want to be His wife forever and ever.

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2004

Till a couple of hundred years ago, jews in Europe were forced to wear the 6 pointed star


-- Anonymous, January 21, 2004

This has absolutly nothing to do with Poe,i swear it, or my name is Biilly Bob Pinkleheimer...and it's not.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2004

stop being stupid billy bob she/he is in my class but this really has nothing to do with poe ya'll retards and the girl who wants to sleep with satan is a hoe!!!!

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2004

I have hexagram birthmark on right side of my waist. It is very regular. Also in the same level birthmark on my right arm that looks like police badge with three spikes pointing upwards. I don't consider my self as beast, as I don't think such thing exists. But I think that I have sense of all existence and way that humanity needs to go. I am not pleased with the way things work now, nobody should do things they do today in the name of God. There is boundless love in side every one of us, and it is only fear that is keeping us from fulfilling our destiny. That will change. Everything is zero and everything is one. 26yo

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2004

It's probably a vaccination mark.

سنی اسلام

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2004

that's not true the 6 pointed star is the star of david... and this has nothing to do with poe.... I'm not going to say anything about the girl who wants to sleep with"satan" because I'm an atheist and therefore don't believe in God or the Devil...whatever...

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2004

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