Where is the Accountability

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I was recently asked by one AME what happens to monies raised for organizations such as the YPD. In my district YPD conferences and meetings usually have registration fees ranging from $25 to $70. My friend said that her Conference Director said that most of the money goes to pay honorariums to the visitors or are offerings given by the direction at the behest of the prelate.

Sarcasm aside, this can't be true. I need to revived by stories of YPD's which give more than lip service to our youth. Help a Brother Out.

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2004


brother Gibson:

I don't understand what you are asking??The YPD has expenses and pays just like any other organization pays. they are under the umbrella of the WMS. So please help me with what you are getting at??

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2004

I am not sure what is happening across the connection but none of the money collected for the churches appears to be spent on youth programming. For example, when we have workshops the youth or the church is expected to come up with Registration fees of 30-50 for workshops and 65-75 for annual conference. Many of these are one day or one day one night affairs. The children may receive a paper folder and maybe one or two meals. It really keeps participation low and I don't see why a program directed at youth should be paying honoraiums to bishops, supervisors or visitors. I also do not think that the youth should spend their money to assist the director in her travels to the various conferences shouldn't that be an expense of the Senior society?

I am deeply concerned about youth programming and I am seeing an increasing number of our churches eschewing the YPD and establishing their own local programs where less money is being spent on protocol and more on delivering ministry services.

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2004

Funds collected for the YPD actually go to the YPD...in the conference in which I serve as a pastor. There is a system of accountability. Within the local church, the Senior Society does fund the YPD for trips and various activities. There has been a steady increase relating to persons participating and becoming active within the YPD in the 4th District. In fact, our church sent 12 youth to attend the Annual Conference. During the youth worship service, the room was packed and the youth were in charge! Our participants returned enthusiastic and full of ideas for the youth of the church!

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2004

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