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Hi All !

I'm experiencing some problems with the sound functions of the 2 Soundtraxx decoders I've recently fitted to my Bachmann HO Shays. This could be because I'm completely new to DCC, but I think I'm learning at a reasonable rate.

I've set these out as below:

I installed the DSD-LC decoders exactly as stated in the Installation Instructions.

On the first loco, the speaker was very quiet, making steam idle noises at rest, and the bell rang – but barely audible. This has since stopped making any sounds at all.

The second installation has never at any stage produced any sound.

From Soundtraxx LC Series Owner’s Manual, I get the impression that factory set defaults should have produced sound right from the start ?

Using my Lenz LH90 linked to the LZV100, I checked out the sound CV values and reset these to new values, and also reset to the factory defaults, but again without success.

I’ve stripped the locos down, and checked out the wiring etc, which is exactly as it should be, and done an amperage test across the capacitor and speakers on both locos. From that it seems that loco # 1 is functioning, as it made a “click” noise, but loco #2 seems dead –I don’t know whether this would be the capacitor or the speaker.

The Owner’s Manual states in “Sound Troubleshooting” that the F8 mute function could be on, but this isn’t so in the above cases.

The F0 headlight function is fine, and apart from the lack of sound, the locos are running perfectly.

Thus I appear to have eliminated just about all of the Trouble Shooting tips, other than possibly:

- That the speakers/capacitors are faulty either through my fault or otherwise. - That my failure so far to set up CV29, may be having an impact on the sound function?

- That I’ve done something in error and affected CV30 perhaps? - I'm supplying the Lenz LZV100 Command/Power Station from the 16volt AC accessories supply on my old H&M DC transformer, and although the LZV100 has a capability of 5 amps, could it be that my AC supply is insufficient to enable the sound decoders to function? Should I be using a more suitable AC supply such as the Lenz TR100 perhaps?

- Also I haven't yet installed a track bus to feed the entire layout. Could this also possibly be having an impact? I've literally taken Soundtraxx "Plug and Play" advice at this stage in the expectation of getting sound out of the locos, and am also still at the stage of occasionally switching from DCC to analogue, prior to fully installing the track bus.

Could anyone please offer me some guidance in setting up the sound functions of the DSD-B3TSLC, or perhaps throw some light on other possible causes of the present situation?

Many thanks,



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