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Alright I'm very new to VCD's and am overwhelmed by the different terms, encoding, formats, etc. My question is will I be able to burn a VCD with Easy CD creator 4? And then what exactly do I have to do to the .mpg file to make it VCD ready? If i can not use that program are there any others I can download? Thanks a lot.

-- ralph (, January 03, 2004


Would you send me and e-mail, il you got any answerd to your question, please!!! I'm also a newby on vcd.


-- khalil2003 (, January 04, 2004. has guides on how to make VCDs. I don't recommend using Easy CD Creator. It doesn't follow the standards for VCD making, which might be a problem for some players. Also, it does not allow overburning, which might be something you might want to do one day.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 05, 2004.

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