Poe's affect on gothic lit

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I'm writing a research paper on how Poe is the "godfather" of gothic literature. When I look up information on him it is usually on his biography. I need some answers, and please, please some references.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004


Poe did not originate the Gothic, a form of European, popularized Romanticism from the exagerrated fiction and philosophy of Germany. In fact it probably was on the wane because of its pulpish excesses by the time Poe wrote his classics. "Godfather" brings to mind the criminal element and here Poe excelled in preserving the Gothic within a totally new genre still vibrant today: the detective story. Gothic.net can enlighten you to Poe's contemporaries and predecessors and perhaps some articles at Poe Studies might help.

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2004

I am also writing a research paper on Edgar, and I am to write a thesis on how he contributed to the American society. My point of research might be different from yours, but read this if you find it helpful. I found that he inspired writers even 50 years after his death. I do not know of how he was the "godfather" of gothic literature, but I do know that he affected Conan Doyle in his writing. Edgar Allan Poe set a standard for mystery writing and short story --he inspired writers all over the world with his gruesome tales of beautiful women dying, which he believed was the most poetic topic for poetry.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2004

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