Happy new year and happy to be in!

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Thanks for the welcome note Diane! I am pleased to see some interesting titles for the individual posts...how many in the group are you and where are you from?

Doreen, are you still expecting twins or a sumo wrestler? I had the same thoughts when I was pregnant with my twin sons almost 10 yrs ago. I'm only 5'3", 100 lbs so was definitely worried about the sumo wrestler part til the doc says "you are having Twins!!"

Would anyone object to my post being called "life at the Minnyninny Farm" (hehaw hehaw) or just "Briarpatch Ramblings" after our hoppy bunny biz? I husband has lived with my weird taste in names and the humour that goes along with it. "Minnyninny Farm" came up as a joke with my three muskateers (8,8,9 yr old boys)...we have bantam(mini)chickens, miniature rabbits, thinking about miniature goats, lots of little children and an add in the paper for a mini donkey had us hehawing over a name for the farm or rabbit biz. My 6' husband just rolled his eyes and said he would move out of the country before getting stuck with a name like Minnyninny!! But he is not reading the posts here!;)

Darling daughter wants my attention about her birthday tommorrow..her 4th! Where has all the time gone? take care everyone, blessings from Andrea

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

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