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Hello everyone, I have a ApeHanger V3 43cc Mini Cruiser, which is a mini motocycle. And I am wondering how to make it go faster. Please can someone tell me how. Thank You.

-- Alvean (, January 01, 2004


You are not going to get much more noticable or reliable power out of that motor, and it probably isnt worth it to try. The easiest thing to do to make the bike faster is to find a larger (more teeth) back sprocket. A smaller front sprocket would do the same thing but I think they are already tiny on those bikes, and you can only go so small. If you go too big on the back you will probably also need to find a new chain. I had a minibike with the same motor, and it would be really easy to bolt a different motor up to the frame and make it work. It would still have to be a tiny motor, but especially if it had gears, it would be more reliable, more power, and faster. With a larger sprocket it will definately go faster, but it will also take longer to get up to speed. I aminterested if you do this, what size sprocket makes decent power, and has a better top speed?

-- Mike (, January 19, 2004.

you're a cock mike. think about what you say before you say it. A larger rear sprocket will make you go slower, as in slower top speed - get it right. It'll give you better acelleration, and crappier top speed. Make the engine sprocket slightly larger or the rear (wheel) one smaller for higher top speed and crappier acelleration (and perobably a burnt out clutch after not too long). good day.

-- mike's death (, January 20, 2004.

lose some weight!

-- bob leslie (, February 15, 2004.

if u want it to go faster throw it from a speeding truck! or you can replace the back wheel with a sprocket, one of wich you can get at any auto parts store. they call them "fly wheels". it might be a bumpy ride, but it grips in dirt like a crab on a hooker! ozzy, (areo-space engineer, united states navy).....have fun fatty!

-- ozzy stupiddude (, February 18, 2004.

Well I wouldn't understand why it would matter how much i weigh since i only weigh 105lbs. What about you?

-- (, February 19, 2004.

Why dont yall throw your "mini" bikes, or SCOOTERS of a fucking bridge. Try going faster by buying a REAL motorcycle. Well, at least you wasted your money. Actually, I guess its cool to get made fun of riding one of those limp cock rockets. haha have a nice life guys

-- Yall are real cool (, June 23, 2004.

Mike's death you're 100% wrong... mike you are right... bigger= higher top speed smaller= fast acceleration stupid tree huggin hippy

-- Person (, June 29, 2004.

I think your all retarded... fat white kids picking fights on the web..

-- Jack Off (, July 07, 2004.

listen the fuck up hoes, none of your know what ur talkin bout so shut tha fuck up lil bitches, yall wouldnt know how to put a fuckin tube in a bicycle tire so, shuy up hoes, oh and by tha way bitches leave mickey alone! danm yall so childish!

-- yourmomgivesgoodhead (, July 09, 2004.

Stupid fat americans

-- bertie (, July 20, 2004.

No Mikes got it wrong. You would want a bigger sprocket on the engine side or a smaller one on the wheel side. If you have a 10 tooth gear on both ends one revolution on the engine end is one on the wheel end but if you have 20 on the engine and 10 on the wheel you will get 2 revolution of the wheel for ever 1 of the engine.

-- blargy (, March 03, 2005.

dear Alvean,

i have worked on these "mini motorcycles" and scooters for years. Don't listen to these other assholes. To start off you should try a new pipe for about $120 and you should get about 3 more miles ot of it. For more speed strap on a bigger carb, reed valve, velocety stack w/ a high preformance air filter. get a bigger cylinder, piston, crankshaft, and aluminum flywheel. port the cylinder, and crankcase where the carb is. advance the timing w/ a rocket key and put a better spark plug. i made a custom electric ignition that puts out 5,000 volts.

in the end mine went 67.69 mph at a race track.

-- Jonathan Neal (, March 11, 2005.

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