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As we start the New Year I would be somewhat remiss to reflect on the year 2003. We have endured the loss of Rev. Fisher but we have witnessed the dedication of Parson Haper to allow this echange to continue with little This Message Board has grappled and engaged in heated discussion topics over the past year including but not limited to: War in Iraq, gay rights, causes of slavery, election of AME Bishops to name a few. So, as is customary I would like to pay special recognition to several AME contributors who have gone beyond the call of duty in providing enlightened (but not always correct views :-)) commentary for the general edification of the Body of Christ and the AME Church in particular. In the absence of a name for the awards I will exercise some liberty and designate the award a "Fisher" named for the late founder and publisher of this website, Rev. John Fisher. Now if I could get some one to do a drum roll.............. The 2003 categories and winners for the Fishers are as follows:

1. Wit & Humor: Parson Ray Allen

2. Steadfast & Unmovable: RP

3. Persistence on a single topic: Marybeth Hurt

4. Biblical Exegesis: Parson Vernon Byrd, Jr.

5. Optimism in the midst of despair: Jazzman

6. Persistence in the midst of opposition: Parson Royd in the 17th

7. Rookie of the Year: Tamminika Terry

8. Best New Idea (AME Herald): Elder Rogers

9. Spiritual & Church Sarcasm: Harold Gibson

10. Geek of the Year: Parson Harper

11. History & AME Musings: Robert Matthews

12. Best Originated Thread: Causes of Slavery (Parson Paris)

13. Worst Originated Thread: Scott Peterson (Myself)

14. Longest Running Originated Thread: Smokie Norful

15. Logical Consistency: Jerryl Payne

16. Best Cook: Linda Hardaway Watkins (I'm still waiting for my ribs)

17. Best All-Around Commentary by an AME Contributor: Mary Brooks (Anyone willing and able to go toe-to-toe, risk professional embarrassment and challenge my views is deserving of this recognition :-))

Oh, well this concludes the awards ceremony. I do apologize if I have omitted any deserving entry for this year. I am indeed grateful for all who contribute on this MB including the "lurchers". Everyone is special. See you next year at the Fishers!!! QED

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2004


The Spiritual Focus goes to Rev. Rogers.

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2004

Ahh, Parson Paris -

Considering my budget contraints only permitted the 17 categories I trust you will supplement my meager purse by underwriting your category :-) QED

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2004

Steadfast and unmovable? I can honestly say no one on this board has ever said anything to change my mind on anything. I've agreed with many, but no one who has disagreed with me has ever changed my mind. But don't think I didn't consider their view at least for a moment.

Remember the circumstances that first brought me to the board. I was surfing around during the presidential elections of 2000, when I found AME Today and its poll indicating the vast majority of readers were voting for Gore. That floored me as I'd assumed for some time that most Bible believing Christians in this country voted Republican. I figured those that didn't probably went to the same type of churches that conduct homosexual marriage. They were likely deceived on more than mere politics. Having had many associations with black Christians in the military I knew most were Bible believers, so where was the disconnect? That's when I entered into the discussions, and I've since had many opportunities to broach subjects that may not be discussed in black churches. But don't think I'm picking on just you. I'll do that with any Christian. By bringing up these subjects I cause fellow believers to think, and hopefully ask God about the issue. Many won't change their minds for reasons both valid and invalid. Others will though, and they'll make a personal change. At minimum they'll feel conviction as they continue to do the same thing. Who knows how many black Christians will now vote a conservative ticket, join the military, support the war, or break out of dead religion because of something I've written? If its even one, a good thing has been done. BTW, please don't think I judge the black church. We're all growing, and each of us is probably wrong on some issue. Praise God for His grace and patience with us. At the same time I know He doesn't want us to remain where we are. That's the first step on the road to apostacy.

After reading one of my inputs a person may reconfirm their beliefs, or they may find they've been way off the mark. Either way if done with a pure and open heart, they'll grow in the Lord.

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2004

QED, i appreciate you for adding more value by bringing AME Today Awards into focus. It never occured in my mind that somebody would come up with such a brilliant idea.

May i take this opportunity to thank you as well as all active forum members for your moral and Spiritual support. I hope we can have a time to meet with all of you and break bread together in Africa, Zambia in particular. QED,i pray that you link up with Rev mother Denise Rodgers by taking up another challenge of physically bringing all forum members for a 2004 Mission Trip to the "Sensational" 17th Episcopal District. What do you think?

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

Professor Dickens, A little respect please...we are LURKERS not LURCHERS (smile)

mike barta

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

Geek of the Year?

Well.....I'd like to thank God for giving me new life each and every day, and then to my wife who pretends to understand what I do for a living...and then......

Thank You!

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

Picture the scene, an auditorium full of intelligent and not so intelligent AME Discussion Board members As my name is called I sit in shocked disbelief, hug and kiss my adoring and beautiful wife, high five, my friend Robert Matthews, I rise to approach the podium nattily resplendent in a Giorgio Armani tuxedo

Accepting my award from the beautiful Pam Grier, I approach the podium momentarily overcome with emotion. However being a good member of the AME Church I recover nicely.

To God, the head of my life, to my bishop the greatest bishop of the church, to the other worthy yokemen called by God elected by ballot, the bishops of the bench, to those who don't have to raise quite as much to run but exercise just as many frequent flyer miles in their quest for election the general officers of the church, to that anomaly of clergy who are not exactly elected and who have no budget but are always at the meetings, the connectional officers, to the presidents and officers of WMS, RAYAC, YPD, ACE, and all of the other Acronyms unknown but never forgotten, and of course, to the presenter of the awards a man with a little time on his hands today, Professor Dickens, to the astute and often witty moderator Rev. Harper, to my mentor of a sort in the posting profession a 21st century pioneer, Rev. Denise Rogers and to all of God's children, those partisan Republicans, those dynamic Democrats and the weird, the wacky and the wonderful I greet you in the name of our ...The music is playing) Hey wait I didn't get...Annoucer: Stay tuned more to come on the AME Awards....

Thanks Bill for giving me yet another opportunity to decry that AME tradition of protocol. I hope to keep up the work I have started.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

Sorry to disrupt the humor on this thread but I cannot let this statement go without challenge

RP Opines:

That floored me as I'd assumed for some time that most Bible believing Christians in this country voted Republican. I figured those that didn't probably went to the same type of churches that conduct homosexual marriage. They were likely deceived on more than mere politics.

RP I refuse to believe that you would have been so ignorant of other adults or Christians to believe what you wrote. I think this is so offensive, to think that if others don't think like you they are deceived. Well RP many persons who post on this board are well aware that many of the conservative Christian movements you cite as being God fearing were not supportive of equal rights for people of color, and are still very silent on many issues of justice for the poor and the under privileged. They have many reasons not to support the Republican agenda now as they have had in the past. I truly doubt that you change any minds here if anything you reconfirm long held beliefs.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

Brother Gibson....

Pam Grier, aka Foxy Brown? God bless you my brother.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

And many of those organizations have apologized, my own denomination included. Can you forgive? Remember what Jesus said about those who don't forgive...

And it's true. I know of very few people whose theology I respect who vote Democrat. A notable exception are those Bible believers in the minority American community. Politics is probably the only area where we disagree.

Folks still holding a grudge need to accept the apology and let the past go. Otherwise they'll have a hard time joining with others in multi-racial Christian activities.

I've seen this in my own city where we've had city-wide meetings, and the only black folk there were those who went to white Charismatic churches. They were invited. One black pastor attended with no one from his church at his side, and he receives criticism from his peers for associating too much with white and hispanic clergy. Tragic.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

I forgot to mention that the Fishers will be "mailed" to all of the winners conditional on budget approval for the new Conference Year. Now, Parson Royd if you can negotiate an attractive air fare originating from Miami, Florida, and provide for the usual susentation described in the AME Discipline, I'm more than eager to pay you a visit :-) To my SoCal friends, Parsons Barta & Harper, please forgive my spelling error but recall I live in the "Deep South" and we have a funny accent and an unconventional way of spelling certain words. Lastly, to that Master of Sarcasm, Bro. Harold, you indeed look dapper dressed in your special tux and being greeted by the stunning Pam Grier. But, remember, since I am a look- alike for John Shaft most of the intelligent and not-too intelligent attendees in the audience will be seeking after my autograph at the conclusion of the program and the all-important after party hosted by the fine folks from the 1st District. Maybe the Gospel artist Bobby Jones can agree to broadcast the program and provide music as well (LOL) QED

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

Brother Dickens:

You forgot yourself. Would you not be given the AME Food Critic Award?

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

Never mind...I vote both of you for the "Ego-Trippin" award. Just funnin.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

Thank you Professor Dickens for your wit and humour and of course a perspective from academia on various topics.

I wish you a most prosperous Happy New Year in 2004!!!


-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

I am honored to receive this great award...by the way what is it called exactly? I am humbled by this great award (now how much do I get paid for writing these words?)Thank you Prof. Dickens, the Pride of Bethel, for your friendship and provocative topics! Isn't there a monetary award with this great honor?

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2004

I keep tellin' my mama I'm gonna be somebody one day--even if it's to be mentioned for an award for which I am so utterly unqualified. But what a great idea professor to give the community a chuckle in the new year!! Blessings to all.

-- Anonymous, January 04, 2004

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