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Hi I just bought an original VCD of an Indian movie...the discs are not playable on computer...though the VCD player plays them perfectly but i don't have one so I use computer the problem is.......when I tried to browse it in 'My computer'.. it says "Drive E:\ is not accesible. Incorrect Function" and so i m unable to play...i tried it with PowerDVD but no results..

when i checked the tracks in displayed two tracks in Session one

Track 01: 0:02:00 0:16:52 (5MB) Data(Mode 2) Track 02: 0:18:52 79:22:67 (802 MB) Data (Mode 2)

Can someone tell me that How can I play that VCD in computer and how the CD was created ?


-- Kunal (, January 01, 2004


You need a DVD drive man. It may be an ordinary CD but now its formatted for DVD players to read. The two tracks are Audio and Video. Basically when the Burner creates a VCD it splits the video into two parts: Audio and Video. Those two parts are then converted into VCD format. I've tried burning my burned VCD's in a PS2, they dont play in there either. You NEED a dvd player or drive to play them once they're converted.

Hope this helps, Calvin.

-- Calvin (, January 01, 2004.

thanks for the answer dear friend. But the VCD is playable in VCD (Not DVD) players so i think it is not in DVD format

Does the DVD format not have any ISO 9660 track as the VCDs have as first track ???

-- kunal (, January 01, 2004.

Hi guy, You need a Vcd Player soft... (I'm using VCD Power from Cybelink) enjoy it...

VCD PowerPlayer is a pure software VCD and MPEG-1 audio/video playing system. By using this software, Users can play VCD titles and MPEG-1 audio/video files without any additional hardware. VCD PowerPlayer can support CD-I, VCD 1.0, VCD 2.0, and normal MPEG-1 files. The frame size can be 320x240 (SIF), 384x240, 352x240, 352x252, 288x252, 160x120, etc. LinkMPEG supports MPEG-1 Audio Layer I&II audio formats. The sampling rate can be 48.0kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz, or 22kHz. The MPEG-1 sequence can be audio/video, audio only, video only, or intra-frame only (still picture). VCD PowerPlayer supports DCI v1.6, DirectDraw I, II, and III, WinG and GDI display interfaces. It follows Digital Video MCI and OpenMPEG 1.10 specifications. Now, it can run under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 operating systems.


-- lel (, January 02, 2004.

Calvin's message is nonsense. You do NOT under any circumstances need a DVD player to read anything but a DVD disc. I'm going to make a wild guess here. Your movie might be burned to a 90 or 99 minute CD-R. Some CD-ROM drives have problems reading these discs. It could also be that there is something on the disc deliberately put there to keep you from playing it on a PC so you can't copy it. The "Incorrect function" message makes me suspicious that this is not a normal VCD but one that has an extra program on it that is causing you the problem. Such an extra program, if I am right, would be ignored by a VCD player. Try to play it on another PC and if you have the same problem, you'll have to find a way to examine the contents of the VCD disc and see what's on it. I would suggest mounting the VCD under a Linux or UNIX system to examine the contents of it.

-- Root (rootj@yahoo.,moc), January 02, 2004.

You can play VCDs on PowerDVD. If you need some help, click on the help icon on the top right corner of the function display box (indicated with a "?"). From the menu there, click on "Getting Started" and you should see a category listed for "Playing VCD".

Additionally, you can also play Karaoke VCDs on PowerDVD. It's quite a handy tool actually!

Alternatively, you may wish to download Real One player. Go to its website, and click on the top right hand corner.

Hope this helps.

-- Lim Kong Jin (, January 03, 2004.

Further to my recent post. Did you try Windows Media Player?

It can play VCDs as well. See if it works.

-- Lim Kong Jin (, January 03, 2004.

thanks for the lot of help. but i m unable to browse the CD contents. also i m unable to play the disc in Windows media player/powerDVD

I can create an image file using NERO and successfully copy the disc to another one but the new copy also didn't run.

some days ago i received an MP3 disc which has the same problem. but I was able to extract the songs using ISOBuster. Can someone tell me the way the MP3 disc was burned ?

-- kunal (, January 04, 2004.

Another wild guess here but if these vcd's and mp3's are on cdr's then maybe the disc has not been finalised properly.Standalones don't check for this always, but pc's do. Only real solution is to use the finalise disc facility in cdrwin and see if that helps the pc to read it.Something else i sometimes do is to create a cue/bin image with cdrwin and use vcdgear to extract the mpeg from the bin file then reburn as vcd with nero

-- ezi (, January 06, 2004.

This is not an answer! I have the same question...i just bought some vcd from asian and it won't play in my pc...i tried downloading some free vcd player software but i don't know, it doesn't work...i need some help

-- Korcheng (, January 06, 2004.

I have same problem. my old cd drive doesn't show anything, but nero shows two tracks as is your case. My new cd drive shows two audio(fake) tracks with cda extension, nero gives same thing. My VCD player cann't this too. I have tried cvdgear, TMpgnc, isobuster but failed to play vcd. Strange! once i could get a 30sec vcd clip by "nero image file vcdgear combination" but same method with same file failed to give same result.(?) Another thing when i browse actule vcd with Isobuster I gets same two tracks, and when I see sectors data by sector view option, I get some data in these tracks(only first three trcks are 0s). When I get image of this VCD by any software(including isobuster, nero) and load this in Isobuster strange thing happens, First it gives error message--> PVD is unreadable the it shows same two tracks When I go to sector only first 3 sectors(those with 0s )are their and all other sectors say->Device reported Error code : 05/64/01 (keep inmind original vcd has are shown by isobuster with some valid data)

Any comments?

-- pkh_sm (, January 07, 2004.

the problem is still not solved dear friends...

the MP3 disc i was talking about had one track (Data mode) which actually should have one track in (ISO 9660/Joliet) this may be the reason the disc is not readable directly. I think that the disc had been burned using the DRAG and DROP (Direct CD) or some other way. can anybody tell the way it had been burned ?????

the issue about the VCD is still not solved ...!!! any help will be highly appriciated...

many thanks to all friends who took time to think about the problem...


-- kunal (, January 14, 2004.

go to and download Lalim VCD player lite which is a free version. It should play most vcd s

-- Raj (raj, February 01, 2004.

same problem, no answer

i got a vcd from a friend and i can play it with xingmpeg player and windvd but can't copy it with isobuster or nero. same problem with the 2 tracks. i have another vcd that i personaly burned and in iso buster it only shows one track and i can extract it, no problem. you know i think it's a PROTECTION PROBLEM, the vcd is copy protected, but how?

-- noname (, February 08, 2004.

Hi everybody, I also have the same problem with,but it seems that this problem has no remedy so far although many good people tried to find one.please tell us what to do?

-- cdblover (, February 11, 2004.

The reason can be that there are read errors at the beginning of the disc. The best solution would be to convert this to a raw image (iOmega or Nero) and then convert the raw file to mpeg or dat using vcdGear.

-- Asharaf E (, April 11, 2004.

Hi, I'm having same problems with VCDs. With my old desktop (W98->2K and CDRW drive) I could play VCDs with VCDCutter and other software with no problem. My new Acer notebook with XPPro & DVD-CDRW drive cannot even open new VCDs using WExplorer (and I, moved abroad, didn't take my old VCDs with me and haven't even tested those old ones with my new computer).

All new VCDs I've bought do not play. When inserted, they keep spinning and the drive led is busy, but nothing happens.

I tried with PowerDVD (test version) but it says "disc with an unsuported format in drive".

If this is a copy protection issue, it may not be helped...

-- EWOK (, April 17, 2004.

Make an image of VCD using CloneCD. U should check the option to create "cue" file while making the image. Use VCD Gear to Convert from "Cue/Bin" to Mpeg format. Enjoy :)

-- Outlawtorn (, May 01, 2004.

I got the same problem before(chinese VCD anyway) and I accidently use a program from a friend of mine called "VCD PowerPlayer" and it worked wonderfully for asian CDS(Chinese, Taiwanese....) so I think Indian cds would also included. The only problem at the moment: how coudl you get that program because the server for download of this program is DOWNED!!

-- DInh Thang Anh (, May 17, 2004.

Hi Everyone,

I've read your problems. And it reminds me of the old days of mine when I play a VCD Disc in a PC and it won't play. But when I use a VCD Player, it will play fine. And I could remember that the only solution I had was only a software. My uncle has the software so I copied it to my computer and it Work fine but I have seen a picture quality difference. I have experience that also, that the Disc when inserted cannot be browsed nor it cannot be read by the cd-rom. But when using NERO, it could report as a TRACK (Usually two tracks). The only solution to this kind of problem is to search for a specific PC VCD player which I have experience long ago. But as of this time, i cannot remember the name of the software, but I ensure you that this is the only solution. No hardwares involve, just have the correct software to play this kind files. Maybe I will try to search our BACKUPS here and if I find it, I will send it to you all. Wish me good luck. ANd happy vacation. I'll be back soon!

Engr. Malcohm N. Casino Philippines

-- Malcohm N. Casino (, May 20, 2004.

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