Happy New Year!!

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And welcome to 2004! May it be a really great year for all of us here at BTS!

(Yeah, I know I'm about 4 hours early - at least where I'm at; but Pop got worn out beating us at Triominos and headed to bed already, and I imagine that I'll be hitting my own pillows soon!)

Take care all,

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2003


Yes, I really, really hope we *all* have good 2004s! btw, anyone know how long we've all been active on forums (together)? Like, how long have we all been acquainted? (Auld Lang Syne)...

Note my "new" email addy. It's real! (but just between us...).

Happy New Year everyone!!!

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2003

Happy new year everyone!! Just had one those colonoscopy tests run today so I'm happy thats done for another 5 years! YEA!!! Nothing like a little vallum dermorol cocktail for lunch. No polps, just a couple spots of diverticulosis. In case anyone else is considering having this test done its really not so bad!

Sheepish...I got my computer and started the Countryside board about 4 months afer they started. Hmmm how long ago was that? 4 years ago maybe? By the way does anyone still subscribe to the magazine? I stopped when they changed over. How are they doing? Are they a good magazine anymore?

Anyone have any good resolutions? I'm going to try to make time to build some little "stick" rocking chairs and hand them out to little kids next Xmas. Whichever little kid smiles at me first gets a rocker! Ha!....Happy New Year....Love to all....Kirk

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year to all of you from Maine!! Hey...just realized that it was 2004 here first :-)!!! Harry and I actually stayed awake til midnight! We watched Stephen King's movie, "Dreamcatcher", so that helped keep our eyes open!!! Weird movie, though. I'll have to watch it again to figure out some of the parts.

I've been online since 1/1/00 and found the Countryside forum not long after that. That's probably about the same time I "met" some of you folks here. Still prefer this forum way more than any others I belong to!!!!

I've had a subscription to Countryside magazine since 1977...although sometime in the early 80's I let it run out for a year or two (I was broke!). I still enjoy it, especially the letters submitted by the readers. I'll probably keep the subscription going....it's become an obsession for me!! We have an attic full of boxes of them. The copies from the year 1999 are still interesting to read over 'cause of JD's y2k articles!!

BTW, Kirk...glad your "insides" are A-okay :-)!!!

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2004

I hope everyone is "well" today. I think I may be feeling a little of my indulgence this morning. We went to dinner with friends then back to one of their homes for the ball to drop. After that we came home. Unfortunately, Gary is sick and was running a fever and couldn't join us last night.

I had some work done on my new truck. The hood had something on it that ate the paint right trough to the paint. Thank goodness it was under warranty (they think it was Bee poop) So, while it was there, I had them put on stripes. Not just stripes, more of a SPLASH of color. Silver with some purple and teal on the side doors. Looks great! Glenn didn't like it but, it's mine so..

We finally finished our basement. We put down the carpet ourselves (this is the carpet that we pulled 8 years ago and had stored in the garage) Glenn has been busy furnishing it with the furnature we've had "stored" throughout the house. He put his bar there. A daybed from the spare bedroom (we are putting our old queen mattress up there) A lounge chair and weight bench. We still want to put some kind of table or desk so Gary can work on his models downstairs instead of in his room.

It is beautiful outside today but I feel too lazy to do anything. Hope everyone is enjoying their new year.

Hey, birthday is coming up. Can you guess what I want??

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2004

If I'm not mistaken, Dee, JR's comes first...two days after mine!! Give us a few hints as to want you want :-)!!!!

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2004

Birthdays comin up! I have lost my calendar of BTS birthdays, so somebody keep me posted or send me theirs!

Dee, did you get that puppy yet? ;)

Happpy New Year everyone! Lights some candles for our nation........things ain't lookin good here for the future, but perhaps with some hard work and lots of prayers we can help turn it around.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

Hi EM...I still have my "BTS" birthday calendar :-)!!

Try not to be so "down" about the future of our country or civilization...it WILL get better!! That's the best that we can hope for...right??!!

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2004

"it WILL get better"

*smile* gotta love yer usual optimism, marcia dear! 'fraid I don't share it though; its pretty clear to me which way the world seems to be headed, but where there's still life, there's hope, eh?

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2004

I'm sure hoping that it will get better, EM. I think the past year or so has taught me that trying to think optomistically (did I spell that right??) is so much better for both my physical and mental health!! Humankind has screwed up this world soooo bad...but like you said..."where there's life there's hope"!! And that's all I'M hoping for :-)!!!!

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2004

EM remembered! Gee, you'd think everyone would be groaning saying not again...

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2004

Happy New Years, BTSfolk!

hey, Kirk, I chickened out on the colonoscopy bit. My doc made the mistake of telling me I should get one every ten years, and I would only have to do the ugly mess once, because in ten years, he'd be able to wave one of those Star Trek gizmos over my bod, and eliminate the five foot of serpentine tubing up my butt. Sounds so good, I told him I'll wait the ten years!

Now I'm hearing that the medicos are already substituting some sort of non invasive test for the colonoscopy. Something like an MRI, I think. Have you heard anything about that?


We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it. - Edward R. Murrow

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2004

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