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the reason of the darkness in edgar allan poe writings and some examples

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2003


Taking a stab. It seems to represent his real experience in life. points of great hapiness and inspiration like stars in the night. Darkness, absence of vision even when near the ideal or roaming close to the afterlife in dreams. Many stories deal with a struggle against the overwhelming lack of light and sense out of which comes the power and the the escstasy of the engagement itself. In nature poems the beautiful and well lit are often ignored for the misty and dark("The Lake"), up against a shoreline, at night, in fog. He is at least stating his personal stae of being within his most passionate poetic sentiment, honestly touching the veil but not faking a piercing. And that separation boundary where darkness is strongest would also be death I imagine. In the Pit and the pendulum the struggle is in the dark and even the allowed light is a mockery and torment. In "Ulalume" the light reveals the dismay of the memory of the death of his beloved, not the beacon of hope("To Helen") of earlier poems. "The Black Cat and Tel-Tale heart are ddark and claustrophobic. "The Masque of the Red Death" The Cask of Amontillado" also are the architecture of the dark tomb. No man seems to overcome it on his own.

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2003

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