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Hello my Internet Church Family,

As we enter in 2004, let us all make a committment to support black business. I started an enterpise in August 2003 and I have experienced a great deal of frustration in trying to provide services to my people in a rural area. I have experienced the full spectrum of emotion. It's only by the grace of God that my business will survive.

On a local level seek out black businesses and patronize them. Realistically, I don't expect any one to keep coming back to a black business just because it is black but at least be patient and understanding as long as you are being treated with dignity and respect. As long as you are receiving a decent service or product for your dollar. If you don't like the business don't patronize it and don't go out in the street and put it down. Leave it alone.

I personally support a local black restaurant in Petersburg,Va. called Tennie's Restaurant. I subscribe to an African-American newspaper in Richmond, Va. whose editor and founder grew up in my neighborhood. Of course, I subscribe to Ebony magazine. I also seek out " Glory" canned vegetables at the groceries store. I bought some "Sylvia's" collard greens tonight and they were outstanding!!!

Remember that some black businesses don't have the financing and assets available like the predominately white businesses. Therefore, you should not expect a grand opening of a black business to be just as spectacular as a white business. It's a miracle many times that we can even open the doors of our businesses.

It's been frustrating to me about our lack of support for other black businesses. My 79 year old "scoutmaster" told me that " we buy what we want and beg for what we need". In "Black Lies, White Lies"(1995) by Tony Brown, he pointed out that in the early 90's a black man named Rick Singletary did market research in Colombus, Ohio and learned that black people were spending $2.5 million dollars a week on groceries. He put up all his savings and assets to get a loan to start a grocery store in the black community and needed $200,000 a week to meet his expenses and pay his 130 employees. Well guess what happened? Tony Brown said that the most successful boycott that we black people have accomplished is the boycott of our own black businesses.It makes me angry when I go to the mall infrequently and see most of us spending and ZERO black businesses in those malls. It makes me mad when I see so many of us spending our money in stores that don't even hire us or share some of the corporate profits with the community. SO ALTOGETHER NOW LET'S MAKE A BEGINNING WITH DOING OUR LITTLE PART TO CHANGE THIS SITUATION BY SUPPORTING BLACK BUSINESSES!!!


-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003


Hear, hear Jazzman!

We pray that your enterprise blossoms in 2004.

I am launching 2 services myself, so pray for them and me.

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003

Hello everyone,

I understand how it is to have your own business. I hope to start my own decorating business shortly for I do not think we have one here. I am happy to see that you are supporting the black businesses in your neighborhood. I too support our businesses. Of course, I have a black hair stylist (smile), real estate agent, electrician, landscaper, fuel provider and dentist, to name a few. When operating a business, we must always remember we are constantly being watched. Therefore, we must always provide a good product and an outstanding guarantee. It may be a little expensive in the beginning, but when your customers keep returning to you for your services, it is well worth the extra effort. I would like to say to all of my fellow business partners, "Keep Your Head Up" and we do have God on our side.

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2004

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