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I have been on this discussion board for 3 years. I came on this board before I officially became A.M.E. and it was a powerful evangelistic tool for me. For I learned about the A.M.E. church from this board. I met colleagues and friends around the world, my daughter would hear daily reports from me about what I learned and she too was impressed.

I am now an Itinerant Elder my daughter is a first year student and heading to seminary. Bill and Jenny Dickens were the first to welcome us and are apart of our family. We have shared ideas, our illnesses, news, and grew spiritually.

There was a period on this board when there were many attacks, vicious attacks that were unlike anything that I have seen on any board. But through it all we prevailed. Rev. Fisher was called home in March and he worked so hard to connect all of us to one another to do ministry.

Rev. John Harper bless his sould willingly stepped in to take on the job of moderator. And he has done an excellet job keeping this board going in addition to the two other jobs he has. I can only imagine the amount of emails you get daily. Yet he checks this board several times a day to make sure it is running smoothly. You are a faithful servant for the Lord.

As the new year begins let us discuss some ideas and ways we can energize the board and also help Rev. Harper. This board can be a powerful witness for Christ. Any suggestions, and please list topics that could be discussion topics. For those who have never posted. You too are part of this board. This is not an exclusive club. You are a member, if people don't post questions that you are interested in then we do not grow spiritually. God loves you so much and he wants our church to grow and for us to help one another. Tell us about your christmas service, tell us about the youth in your church, post a prayer request, share if you lost a family member, are you a new grandmother or grandfather, did Jesus get you through another year. Give a testimony. There is joy walking with Christ, even through adversity he will give us his joy!

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003


When I mentioned this board was a powerful evangelistic tool for me, I meant that it was the people on this board that welcomed me that confirmed to me what God was saying to my heart. I learned about our great zion through this board and because of prayer based on the warm welcome I received I wrote Bishop Bryant, and now I am an ame minister. And happier than I have ever been in my life as a minister.

We never know who might be reading this board, we never know if there is someone who wants to come to Christ and is afraid to go to church, it might be this board that introduces them to God and the ame church. In that way this board is a powerful evangelistic tool.

I just wanted to explain what I meant by the board being a witness for Christ.

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003

I agree this board can be a witness for Christ, but I think it should also address political issues as well. Sometimes we get locked into testifying and not exchanging ideas. Topics such as Mrs. Washington- Williams, Michael Jackson, our President, etc. These may be considered worldly but this is the world in which our people live. I think we can discuss politics and the daily news as well as the greater spiritual matters. We should always respect the rights of others.

I think we should be more consise in expressing our ideas, and not post long qoutations but reference where the document can be found, giving credit to the author is always appropriate.

Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003

Rev. Paris, I am not saying to not discuss politics, all I am sharing is my personal experience with this board and to also let people know if they want to discuss christians topics or other things besides politics they can.

I am one of those people who love praising God, discussing theology, and doing bible studies online and there are millions of people like me on the internet and they too have forums and I go there and post. It is exciting to see hundreds of posts responding to world events scripturally.

I will always lift up evangelism for that is who I am and I initiated this post to stimulate discussion. I personally don't like to discuss politics, particularly on this board for people are either lumped into conservative or liberal. And as for Michael Jackson that is not my cup of tea either, I rather talk about christian artists like smokie norful or our ame choirs. But as I have previously stated there are other places I can do that.

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003

Even though this is a "church" discussion board, I really do not think it should be used, solely as an evangelistic tool. I personally think that other online vehicles can be created (and have been created) for that purpose. I agree that people can post whatever they want--they can post testimonies, Biblical commentaries, etc., and can use the board to evangelize; however, I think the board is much, much more interesting when there are a variety of issues being discussed. We can and should share a good word about our churches. However, discussion our challenges as pastors and lay have not only been helpful to me but others as well. What is most unique about this discussion board is that this is one of the only vehicles we have to discuss our problems and seek solutions, short of "consulting the Discipline, talking with the bishop and P.E". Also, finding out that folks throughout the world are experiencing some of the same issues provides a certain sense camradere. I have found "none of us are walking on this road alone". The best way to get on the road to resolving issues is to discuss them, not acting like they do not exit. Happy Holidays. Sis. Augusta

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003

I agree with Rev. Rogers that this board is a blessing. It is great to hear from all the different viewpoints and areas of the world. I think that this board can be used for all the above stated purposes. I know for me this board has been a great learning experience about the AME church. I enjoy the healthy debate and the greeting that we send to each other. In 2004, we should continue with all the areas we address here.

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003

I love you Rev. Rogers for putting things in perspective about this board. We are truly blessed to have such highly gifted individuals like Rev. John Harper of First AME church Los Angeles, California to be our web site administrator. We are also truly blessed to have inspirational people like yourself, Brother Robert Matthews, Rev. Alton Paris, Professor Dickens, Sister Linda Hardaway, Rev. Hanse, Brother Nalton Brangman, Sister Carmen, and so many others that I can't possibly list.

As a member approaching his third year in the AME church, I must confess that if it weren't for this forum, I would know very little about the happenings in my local congregation. I have obtained a lot of wisdom from this site. As you stated a year or more ago, let us all strive to keep our behavior on a high spiritual, moral, and intellectual plane.

The coming year will no doubt bring us a lot of topics for discussion about sacred and secular events. I pray that we will all pray that this site be protected from the attacks from the enemy on a daily basis. Thank you Rev. Harper, you are doing a great job!!!


-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003


I thank you all for your support, and your willingness to alleviate my load. It is not a burden, yet. I am a cybergreek by trade (I go through 300-400 emails daily), so a few more posts is not a bother.

I like the wild twists this board takes. Yes, we sometimes go off- topic, and cyber-tempers flair, but this board is the Barbershop of the 21st Century, and like the Barbershops of old (or the one I go to 60 miles from my home), it needs to be a place where we can hang out and be ourselves.

My Thoughts

You "lurkers" (cyber-slang for those who just read and don't contribute to a board): Add your thoughts.

Pastors: You can see, from the topics we discussed in 2003, that there are some real needs within the church. People are not going to take the "same-o, same-o" in 2004.

Lay people: God bless you for sharing your concerns about ministers, the ministry, and the church. Don't stop. The church does not belong to the Bishops' Council. It does not belong to the elders and deacons. It belongs to you. Together, with God's help, we will fix what has been broken, so that when our groom comes, he will recognize us as his bride.

Detractors and Spammers: You are obviously unchurched and we pray that you will find Jesus before he comes back :)

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003

I am grateful for this discussion board. In many ways the political discussions are just as evangelistic as the praise reports for me. Why? Because in the political discussions, I find people working out their faith in a very tangible way. I am glad for this board because I am finding that people in general and AME's in particular take God seriously and that in and of itself is worthy of a double hallelujah and a half an aisle holy dance. I am grateful that this board exists so we can discuss serious issues such as the war homosexuality and abortion as well as whether those bonnets are necessary (No Bill I am not going to let it go :)

Happy New Year to US all

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2003

I have learned a lot from this board particularly regarding politics, when I was a young preacher 20 years ago, I would preach my politics from the pulpit, because my members were democrats and we were all out protesting the same cause. Now I pastor a church that is predominantly republican, I live in a state that is predominantly republican, my members are white and love President Bush.

And the thing that is so wonderful is that they love their pastor and their denomination. A.M.E. before this board I never had any conservative or republican friends. Then I met my baby brother Bill Dickens and my mentor Rev. Paris on this board. They both are passionate about their love of God and the ame church.

God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are the focus of our church, we understand that all power comes from God alone. And that being a christian means truly loving one another regardless of the politics.

When we talk about politics we can do so with the understanding that scripture is replete with politics. Mary and Joseph going to bethelem for the census was about politics, the crucifixtion of Jesus was motivated by politics, though they did not know he was the son of God.

Discussions of homosexulaity, abortion, drugs, unwed pregnancy, adultery, murder, war, and other religions are topics that we will discuss. But I also hope we will remember God is the final judge, I hope we will discuss grace, forgiveness and reconcilliation with some of these topics also. How is the unwed teen to be treated by the church, or the prisoner in jail, or the drunk driver and the victims families and lastly I hope we will discuss justice for the poor and oppresses. One other thing I started this post talking about this board as a tool for evangelism, we are commanded by Christ in the great commission to spread the good news, we are to tell others about Jesus we are to tell them they can repent from their sins and receive love. This board is part of the great commission and I hope we will never forget that, and in 2004 let's continue working for Christ, and yes there are problems in our church, big problems, and to those who think I don't know, I know! More importantly God knows, and he is calling his children and our church to repent. We must pray and pray and lead a life that is a living witness of faithfulness and obedience.

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2003

Rev. Denise, you said something there. BE Blessed

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2003

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I have enjoyed reading the information from this discussion group/fellowship. My thoughts were expressed a FEW times on the discussion board. I have enjoyed reading the informative, interesting, and inspiring responses of Rev. Rogers, Rev. Harper, Alton, and others the were placed on the discussion board. I encourage more teenagers and young adults like myself to express their feelings and questions about the God's church. May God bless you all!!!! FEDRICK ALLEN WILSON

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2003

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