DCC and non-DCC locomotives lashed together

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I am working on a film project with the specific duties of creating an HO railroad layout that will resenble the real areas that are being shot by the studio. My question is this. The proto type footage has four to six locos all coupled together to pull the long consist of freight cars. Can i use one DCC loco at the head of the HO models train with three or four non-DCC locos behind it. That's the question.


-- Daiquiri St John (daiquiri@earthlink.net), December 22, 2003



Well ..., if you use Digitrax equipment (because Digitrax is the only manufacturer that provides analog control as a standard feature) and assign two throttles to the train, one to run the DCC loco and one to run the analog ones you might be able to make it go. But it will be difficult and the noise from the analog locos will be annoying.

Depending on the locos you want to use, it will probably be much easier to put a decoder in each. And low function decoders are cheap enough too.


-- Dale Gloer (dale.gloer@telus.net), December 23, 2003.

are you planning on using the same model of loco for all six? your question poses some gearing problems. if your not running DCC on all the locos you will never get them to work together. due to different gearing you will have motors working against other this won't be a problem visualy unless you are using steam models. with DCC in all your Locomotives you will be able to set the throttle for each loco so the wheels all turn at the same rate. Good Luck

-- Scott (wisdom_sp2000@hotmail.com), November 27, 2004.

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