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i have european sony mhc zx70 and VCD's burned on cd-r and cd-rw do NOT play in the dvd player even though it is supposed to play video cd's anybody got any ideas? thanks

-- Risheet (, December 22, 2003


It could be a couple of things. Go to and look at the DVD Player Compatibility List for your model. Some Sony models were notorious for supporting VCD, but they didn't support burnable media. CD-RW usually worked on these models though. I suppose you could have a model that doesn't support burnable media at all. You don't tell us how you made your VCDs. If you used something like Nero to copy a commercial VCD, it should work in your player if it supports burnable media. Your player could be fussy and demand strict compliance with VCD standards and maybe whatever you burned with isn't standard enough. Finally, if you just took a video file and burned it as a data CD instead of a VCD, most DVD players will refuse to play it. I would suggest trying to play your VCDs on a PC just to make sure the discs are OK. If they are, maybe your DVD player doesn't like your media.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), December 23, 2003.

well i burned using nero after downloading mpeg movies but i read something about sony dvd players read sony discs is this the case with mine? as i used maxell discs?

-- Risheet (, December 23, 2003. DVDnameid=732&Search=Search&#comments

here it says a variety of disc brands work with my dvd player

-- Risheet Thanki (, December 23, 2003.

I just got this cd player as well and it hasnt played one burned cd ive put in it. i dont think it plays anything that was burned

-- Joe Alberto (, February 22, 2004.

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