DH163 into Athearn EMD103 Pickup Wires question.

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I am trying to wire up a DH163 into an Athearn EMD103 and have run into a problem. All the Light wires were straight forward (white to front, yellow to back and blue as the common). The motor wires were OK too (orange to top brush (motor +) and gray to bottom (motor -). The brushes are definitely isolated.

The red and black wires are a different story. I am replacing an old decoder and was following how it was wired (specifically for the red/black pickup wires) and got a short. :-(

There is a single bridge coming up - one from each truck (front and rear.) They look to be isolated to a single rail (right side). I connected the red wire from the decoder to the front pick up bridge and then ran a wire from the front to rear pickup bridge. The black wire I ran to the front light common area as was done with the old decoder. I created a web page with a few pictures.


If anyone knows the fix to this, I would be greatly appreciative!!! It is my son's Birthday present and it doesn't work. :-(

-- JC Wanck (jwanck1@comcast.net), December 20, 2003

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