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I'm new to dcc and am going to ask a very dumb question. What is the difference between a canned motor and a coreless motors. How can I tell the difference? Thanks. Karl

-- Karl W (, December 20, 2003


The can motor and coreless motor look the same on the outside. The inside is totally differently. The can motor has an armature just like the open frame motor with the magnets on the outside.

The coreless motor has the magnets mount stationary in the center of the motor with a bell shape armature that rotates around the magnet. The coreless motor armature has a plastic/nylon form with magnetic wire wrapped around it. Since this motor has no metal in the armature, it has no cogging effect but also cannot not take the heat and can be destroyed very easily.

-- Don Hopf (, March 17, 2004.

Sorry for my English-The best solution with coreless motor in DCC system is to use an high frecuency decoder ( 16Khz or 32Khz ). The first advantage is the protectión against overheating of motor. In other way,operation is noseless really ( like DC system ). High frecuency decoders,are not expensive actually.

-- Oscar Lanchares (, April 03, 2004.

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