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Hi, Which is better between 2 brand? 1. Canon EOS 300($890) + EF 75~300mm ($500) f/4-5.6 USM

2. Nikon F75 with AF28~80mm ($699) + AF 70~300mm ($745) f3.5-5.6G Len f/4-5.6D ED

Or any combination recommend?Price should be around $1500. Thanks!!

-- David (davidloo13@yahoo.com), December 18, 2003


Hi David,

Looks like you are starting into serious photography with an SLR. With a budget of $1,500, I would recommend the following setup:

1) NIKON F80 (S$ 680 - at John 3:16 Funan Centre) - You may get a cheaper price using E-Quote at Cathay Photo website

2) Nikkor 28-200mm ED-IF Zoom Lens ( S$ 490 - at Cathay Photo)

3) Manfrotto 190pro (S$ 150) or 055pro ( S$ 190)

4) Giotto BallHead with Quick Release ( S$ 140) - Cathay Photo - I dun tink they have stock, i bought the last piece last week.

The above adds up to S$1500. It is essential to invest in a good bag. You can buy one of the Lowepro's bag, "Photorunner" waist pouch type at S$ 65 (John 3:16 Funan) or a bigger one "Orion Trekker" backpack at S$ 85 (John 3:16 Funan)or even a shoulder bag "Stealth Reporter AW 200" at S$ 150

You might want to consider giving up the tripod and ballhead and invest in a good bag + dry cabinet.

The reason i recommend a zoom lens 20-200mm range is because it is a good start to explore which type of photography you want to 'specialise' in future. I bought the Nikkor 24-85mm AFS ED lens. Although it is a superb lens, i always wish it could zoom more as i would love to do street photography without anyone noticing me.

As to whether Canon or Nikon, it is a personal choice. Canon makes good bodies and it makes you feel 'garang' (fiercely smart) when you hold them. However, i feel that Nikon makes very good lenses for serious amateurs. I eventually choose Nikon for the superiority of the lenses. It is important to note that Canon's high end 'L' lenses (White lens with red ring in front) is very good or sometimes better than Nikon. Well, we don't have that kind of budget sometimes, isn't it.

Trust your instinct. Buy whichever brand you feels good about it and be happy.

-- Bernard Ong (praise@pacific.net.sg), December 18, 2003.

Hi David,

Something to add on:

If you want to buy a Canon, buy the EOS30 or EOS33. I find EOS 300 too 'basic' for a serious amateur like you. With your budget, i tink EOS 30 / 33 will satisfy you better. It is the 3rd body from Canon. (1st : EOS 1V, 2nd : EOS 3, 3rd : EOS 30/33)

For Nikon, F80 is also the 3rd body from the range. (1st : F5 , 2nd : F100, 3rd : F80) It feature a spot metering function which EOS 30/33 does not have. It is a very very useful feature.

Hope the information helps.

-- Bernard Ong (praise@pacific.net.sg), December 19, 2003.

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