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What is the main point in Berenice and can you summarize the story?

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2003


Read with Morella, Ligeia,the Black Cat, Tell Tale heart. The focus for the narrator by the narrator is actual ecstasy of horror or entrapment in an external event where the victim is not a focus of sympathy so much as a hypnotic allure to a crime and wild excitement. Berenice is very nearly all satire even to the irony of saving her life from premature burial by the weird fixation for the teeth. The narrator subconsciously exorcises his fixation(pulling the "corpse's prominent teeth") but not really- any more than Berenice is really dead.

Needless to say the humor is hard to appreciate. "How to Write a Blackwood Article" is an essay more technically lampooning the Gothic tales he wrote.

-- Anonymous, December 21, 2003

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