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I recently loss my bible that I kept in my purse and I am quite upset over it. I purchased this bible a little over 5 years ago, and kept it in my purse. I used it every morning for my daily scripture reading on my way to work in the morning, and held it in my hand and close to my breast when I could not pray or read the scriptures. I knew where each chapter was in the old testament and new testament, without even looking. My fingers just glided to the correct chapter without looking. My favorite scriptures were highlighted and cross-referenced, and notations made on the side during Sunday sermons and revivals. It even had two special leaves that I saved: one leaf represented an elderly neighbor's tree that fell down during a storm shortly after her death. She and I used to talk for hours and laugh, and I miss her and her tree when I come home from work. The other leaf I placed in the bible during a time of crisis and personal turmoil. There is a special park near my church. When I walk through this park with a prayer in my heart and spirit, the Lord finds me and answers me in the most quiet, beautiful, sweet way. Not too long ago, I could not see my way out of a crisis and my spirit cried to God as I walked through the park. He told me to find a leaf. I looked down and picked one up, threw that one away and found another, just the size to fit in my bible. He then told me to look at all the leaves in the park, which I did. There were too many to count or even to see. He then told me that each leaf represented a promise He kept to me in the past and to remember that He had not forsaken me. My heart leaped and I asked God to forgive me. The very next Sunday, He delivered on His promise.

I miss my bible so much. I know I will have to purchase another one and start all over again. Has anyone else lost their bible? How did you feel when you had to start over again? Thanks.

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2003


I experienced something similar to your situation. I own 5-6 Bibles but the one which I really liked was my King James Version Bible. It has been missing since 2000 and my wife, a Philly native like you, declares she does not know its whereabouts. She is a likely suspect since she used to read from it at night, but I can't muster up enough courage to bring up "charges". So, I have learned not to become too attached even to my favorite Bible since it too will be in the category of missing :-) QED

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2003

Unfortunately...I have been on the other end of your scenario. I was blessed to find a Thompson Chain Reference Bible (NIV) after a revival in the our church. The person who left the bible did not try to claim the bible after I chased her down to return it to her. It appears she did not care for this book. Well, this book is being used by yours truly! I,too, have lost Bibles in the past. That is why I have over 10 bibles, various versions, from my office to home. Mary, there is joy in starting all over again! Oh by the way Bill, be careful in how you approach that sister from Philly!

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2003


I certainly empathize with you but when it comes to Bibles I have never had this happen to me. Although I own several translations of the Bible, I never earmark, cling to, underline or write in them. It is said that the Bible is the book most often stolen from library shelves and I have even had a few of my own "borrowed" from me at church.

Now that I am a computer and cyber junkie most often I read the Bible on my computer in all it versions or even read it online. On my computer I can even cross-reference and earmark them.

Except when I am at church, at meetings, in workshops or traveling, the paper versions more often than not remain on my bookshelf. I pray and trust you and Bill will find the ones you lost.

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2003

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