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I am trying to convert a new Rivarossi E8 engine with a wired TCS T1 decoder. I cannot resolve a shorting issue. I have one wire to the front truck and the other soldered to the rear truck. Orange and Grey to the motor terminals. Keeps shorting out. The motor stands vertical and drops the gear into the rear truck assembly. Inside the rear truck is a metal box that holds the gears and metal wheels. The pick up is attached to this assembly. I removed the rivit holding the pickup that has my decoder wire soldered to it and isolated it from the assembly with electrical tape. Still shorts out. If I pull the motor out of the truck assembly, no short indicated. So, it appears the motor is still contacting somewhere? Any assistance would cut down on my aspirin usage. Thanks...

-- Dan Ferrick (DTFerrick@msn.com), December 11, 2003



I don't know about the E8, but the Rivarossi steam locos I have worked on have a strap that connects one terminal of the motor to the motor's case. The fact that removing the motor from the loco makes the problem to go away indicates you have something like I describe.

On the steam locomotives, the strap was very obvious. If the strap is not obvious, don't keep testing for a short by placing the motor back into the truck. You may damage the decoder.

If you have to, disconnect the motor from the decoder, get your trusty digital volt meter and poke around your motor until you figure out how they have connected one of the motor leads to the case.

On the steam locos, all I had to do was cut the strap. It served no other purpose.


-- Allan Gartner (wire4dcc_admin@comcast.net), December 11, 2003.

Problem has been solved. Simple as usual. Whenever I removed the wheels from the truck to solder on the decoder wire I put one of them back in backwards. Thus, power from both rails was being sent to the truck. Appriciate your assistance on this matter. Engine runs very well now. Dispite my flub, this was a very easy conversion. Was able to use the existing lamp as it already had a resistor in place.

-- Dan Ferrick (DTFerrick@msn.com), December 12, 2003.

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