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I am a grade 12 student,i have to build a basketball launcher.Projectile motion is to be used.Only springs or elastic bands can be used.Catapults cannot be used.Actually i have to launch a miniature basketball into a miniature basketball net. The specifications of the miniature basketball and net are as follows: Hieght of net- 100 centimetres lenght of net form side to side - 29 centimetres lenght of net from back to front - 25 centimetres Mass of ball - 187.88 grams radius of ball - 6.6 centimetres

A log book of calculaitons is to be presented.All calculaitons have to be done based on projectile motion formulas. I hope this information will be sufficient and you will be able to provide me some ideas.Thank you

-- MSB (, December 11, 2003

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