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I've worked here 9 Months and just recently had a disagreement with my boss. Next thing I know my hours have been cut down to 6hrs last week and 13 this week. Its clear to me he is trying to get me to quit. My question is can he require me to bring in a doctors note for me calling in sick for 2 days. I explained to them when I had called in that I have some type of stomach flu. Which I really did, my boss doesn't tell me on the second day I had called in that he wanted a doctors note. but waits a day which was my day off and call me leaving a message on my machine that says. Kim calling you to let you know, before you can return to work you must bring in a doctors note. your sceduled 7:30am friday. Now normally I would just say fine I'll go and waste my time at a doctors appt. The problem is I have no Medical Insurance and because he has cut my hours so bad I can't afford to go to the doctors. I'm also not going to a free clinic, and take the chance of getting sick again. Can He fire me for not bringing in the note?

-- Kimberly Rodrigue (, December 11, 2003


depends on what you signed [if you did] on employment with company - in uk should be first 7 days you sign a company sick statement.

Then the 8th day onward you would prouduce a sick note which would also cover the 7 working days unworked.....

...I know the posts are a while old but no proper answers ???!!!??? .....

-- tony di (, January 29, 2005.

itz great living in canada!! Go flames Go!!

-- goerge nilson (, April 19, 2004.

I dont know. Did you sign anything like a code of conduct when you were hired? Did they give you an employee info book?

-- L N (, April 08, 2004.

Sucks to live in the United States don't it? Aaaah, the freedom of health care....

-- pseudologist (, January 23, 2004.

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