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Earn $ 1000 (US)DOLLARS EVERY WEEK. > > " If I would have one million of friends, If I would ask them one > dollar,then > I could be rich" > > > ( This letter is valid around the world ) > > *Read, mindfully this text . Itīs very interesting and it will make > you earn many dollars if you follow the instructions. > This text is long but youīll discover an easy way to earn real money. > > I was looking for a way to earn extra money on internet. So in a > group, I found a message like this. Well, I thought: Itīs just other > bad business but then I said "maybe it works" and Yes!!!. This > works! Itīs true. > If you are saying now: "Iīm going to do it or youīre doubting so > keep reading. > Donīt think itīs going to be easy, is necessary paste this message > where you want: classifieds, "groups",....... > Repeat it a lot of times, itīs better for you (and for me, of > course). So this is a real work. > This needs many hours to do it, and it will need all your > experience. You have to be very constant to publish it. > This doesnīt depend of 5 or 10 people who receive the message , this > is for all the countries, around the world. > On internet, there are thousands of people and someone as me is > going to do it. > Now , Iīm the last of this list and if you decide to do it , you are > going to be on my position when you repeat the message, letting me > one place before you. I wish you luck. > > >So this is the message. Read it : > > I was reading messages in groups and I found one. The text said: > "You can earn thousands of dollars every week with an inversion of $ > 6 dollars. I thought, Oh no! itīs a swindle, a fraud. But the > curiosity makes me read the text. The text said: > "Send $ 1 dollar to each one of the 6 names and addresses of this > text". So now you write your name and address at the end of the > list, replacing the number 6 , then send or paste this text at least > in 200 groups on internet. > (there are thousands of groups around the world: Yahoo, Msn, > Aol,...) > > No fraud. That was all. Then I was thinking and thinking. At last I > decided to do it. I thought: "all I can lose are just $6 and 6 > postage stamps)...Eh? > I was worried about the legality of this , and maybe you are too..I > consulted to the Post Office and they told me this is absolutely > legal. So I sent my $6.00 > ..AND YOU KNOW WHAT?!!!!!!! At 7 days , I began to receive money by > mail..!! I was in shock!, then this didnīt stop. On my first week I > won $20.00 to $30.00 dollars. The second week I won $1.000.00!!!.the > third week I won $10.000.00 and more . This is my fourth week and > Iīve been earning $41.000.00 and this donīt stop. The money is > coming! This is serious!!!..All this thanks to an inversion of $6.00 > and 6 postage stamps. > (American dollars, USA dollars) > Iīm going to explain you how it works: > You should to print a copy of this text , the copy will help you to > get information when you need. > The method/process is very easy . There are only 3 steps: > > >FIRST: Get 6 papers/sheets and write on each one: "PLEASE INCLUDE ME > ON YOUR MAIL LIST". > Now get 6 dollars and introduce $1.00 dollar in each envelope with > the sheet. You have to put the dollar enveloped with a dark color > sheet to prevent thefts/robberies. > Now you have 6 closed envelopes and the sheets with the phrase into > the envelopes, your name , your address and the dollars. > Remember: 6 dollars - $1 dollar in each envelope! > So , you are making a "service" with this, and that "service" makes > this ABSOLUTELY LEGAL!!!. > > Now you have to send the 6 envelopes to these addresses: > > 1).Ivette Mena Reyes. Campo Bruce De donde fue el cine salinas 2, c. > abajo 1― c. al l30 vrs.arriba M/D. Managua, Nicaragua. > > 2) Angel L. Rodriguez, P.O Box 40,000, PMB 203, Isabela, P.R 00662 > U.S.A > > 3) .Gianfranco Cueva, Las Encinas 425, Urb: Los Jardines, Lima 31- > Peru > > 4). Carmen Contreras. Jakob Pervägen 1 (1 vån )23231. arlöv, Suecia, > sweden > > 5). Carlos Hernandez, 26 Rowland close, Wolvercote - Oxford > Orfordshire - england, C.P. OX2 8pw > > 6) Cuauhtemoc L.Valderrama. Callejon colmena 12-B,Bo Guadalupita.Mexico > D.F. C.P.16070 > > > > > >SECOND: Now erase the number 1 of this list and move the other names > one number up wards.( the number 6 replaces number 5 , the number 5 > replaces number 4, etc..) Then write your name and your address as > number 6 on the list.Remember:YOU HAVE TO ERASE THE NUMBER 1 ( DONīT > ERASE THE NUMBER 6 ) . > > >THIRD: Change all you think is necessary of this text. But try to > keep the text as the original. Now put /paste your text at least in > 200 groups. You just need 200, but if you want to paste it in more > groups, itīs ok! You will receive more money. > > You donīt need to write this text again, just record it/keep it in > your computer, diskette or cd. > Now go to Groups, choose one, then select "post an article" or > "paste". So you have to paste the text, then press "post"/"paste" or > "send" and that's all. > All you have to do is go to many Groups and paste the text. > **REMEMBER, " MORE GROUPS WHERE YOU POST THE TEXT IS MORE MONEY FOR > YOU". But you have to post it at least in 200**!! > > You will receive money from all the world . > **YOU HAVE TO WRITE THE ADDRESSES, CLEARLY > Well if I post the letter in 200 groups and supposing that I receive > 5 envelopes ( just an example ) . So I won $5.00 with my name on the > position number 6 of this letter. Now , each one of those 5 people > who sent money to me, post the text in 200 groups , each one with my > name on the position number 5 of the list and only 5 people answer > to each one of the 5 originals. So I earn $25.00 more . Now these 25 > people post the letter in 200 groups with my name on the position > number 4 and each one of these 25 receive only 5 answers . So I earn > $125.00 additional. > Now these 125 people post the letter in 200 groups with my name on > the position number 3 and each one receive 5 answers. So I receive > $625.00! additional. Now these 625 people post the letter in other > 200 groups with my name on the position number 2 and each one > receives only 5 answers. This makes me earn $3.125.00 !!.Now these > 3.125 people post the letter in 200 groups with my name on the > position number 1 and if each of the 3.125 people receive 5 answers > , so I earn $15.625.00 !!!!!!!.... > All this thanks to an inversion of $6 and 6 postage stamps. > THIS IS REALLY FABULOUS !!!!.... > > And you know , 5 answers per person is just an example . The real > average is 20 to 30 answers per person. > > If you want to know if your name is still in the list , you have to > be alert to the changes in the message when your name is in a group. > You should to send an e-mail to the last person who sent money to > you, and you can ask about the position of your name . Do this ,and > when that person writes to you telling that your name is on the > position number 1. So then you write other e-mail asking about the > new names on the list to send $6 dollars more and you can start the > process again. > > Other way to publish this letter is sending e-mails , you can find > e-mail addresses on the member directories in : Yahoo, Msn ..... > Remember, you have to do this with HONESTY and itīs going to work. > Please, remember Honesty is the best method. You donīt need trick or > fraud. Because if you post the letter with your name but you donīt > send the $6 dollars to the people of this list, you arenīt going to > receive nothing, almost nothing. Just think if everybody does the > same fraud, so there was not money. > > Now you know, this is the cleaner method to share fortune on > Internet. Remember THE TIME IS IMPORTANT. > YOU HAVE UP TO 7 DAYS SINCE YOU READ THIS TEXT TO DO IT. > Follow the rules of this business! I sent my 6 dollars and now I'm > receiving money at my house . BE HONEST ! ...I wish you > luck, Bye. > If you live in Europe, send one Euro coin stock in the black paper.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2003


I really intresting this program..... i goona be do it immediatly... if can , can u call me for comfirmation.... this is my phone no: 6016-3680779 hope to hear u soon... pls contact me as soon as posible...cz i can,t contact u...

here is my address: 19, jalan air madu , off lorong air panas satu, setapak. 53200 kuala lumpur. Malaysia.

Thank u very much....

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2003


-- Anonymous, December 16, 2003

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