A.M.E. Herald is online for Monday Dec. 8, 200d

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The A.M.E. Herald is now online for the week of Dec. 8th. I apologize that the Herald was not published last week. I have a heart condition and was a little under the weather. I am fine now.

We thank you for your continued support and ask that you tell friends about the Herald and also ask your pastors to put our web address in your newsletters. We would love to print ame related news, so do feel free to send it to us.

To those who are not familiar with the ame herald, we are a weekly news publication, featuring the news of the ame church. We are not an official organ of the church, but try to provide a service to our members. We are all volunteers and receive no pay or funding, our publication has sponsors.

Please pray for all that are grieving.

You may find the ame herald at


-- Anonymous, December 08, 2003


Rev. Rogers thank you for the wonderful service you provide and may God continue to strengthen your heart both spiritually and literally.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2003

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