diffrence between psychiatry and psychology

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hi sir: i am having some research& would like to know the actual difference between psychiatry and psychology& their history. i will be so thankful for your help & your quick reply hengameh sayyad

-- hengameh sayyad (hengameh_sayyad@yahoo.com), December 08, 2003


Psychiatry is a medical specialty. Psychiatrists first earn an MD, then specialize at the residency level in psychiatry. Most focus on prescribing medications for mental illness; a few train as psychoanalysts. Psychology is one of the social sciences, and clinical psychology is one of the many special fields of psychology. You can find a great deal of information about psychology at the website for the American Psychological Association at http://members.apa.org/ You can learn a great deal of the history of psychology and of psychiatry by reading the messages posted on this page, and by following the links at http://shp.yorku.ca/

-- Hendrika Vande Kemp (hendrika@earthlink.net), December 08, 2003.

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