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I have a thesis paper that i have due for my english class soon, and my topic is "Poe:joke or artist" and i need to argue that he is an artist rather than a joke. can anyone help me with this, if so leave a name so i can quote you as a source, i cant put anything into the paper i cant cite, so well please help.

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2003


poe was no joke. he worte what he was thinking at that time. he was a artist because he was a poor man that wanted to be a writer. he tryed every thing but only some things worked out. a artist will give every thing for that peace of work he or she worked so hard at it. he storyes show he was a artist and loved what he did.

hope this works for you. hey can you send me the report. i want to see what you said on it.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2003

Poe has been critically punished for several things: popular genres, brevity, musicality, pride, alcoholism. Forget about going on the defensive that perpetuates the myth of the legitimacy of slander. Look at a short poem and see the complex and risky weave of structures with musical passion, the unity, the self-existence of the poem on it own merit. We have here for once something beyond ideology or voice or mere techniques AND something personally unique and often wildly disturbing to the reader. Poe is a consummate thinker and artist and so far beyond his peers that often his main problem is not being uplifted by his literary environment with which he often was at odds with anyway. Something raw rthopugh down to earth and effective in his genuis- that original American innnocence at odds with his depth and powers.

Look then at his accomplishments and innovations and groundbreaking, never mind the enduring popularity of his art(never mind the memorable plotlines people wrongly put above the real power that keeps them alive- which is all art). A new brutally honest literary criticism with incisive and entertaining analysis instead of hype, the invention of the modern detective genre sprung from his uplifting of the Gothic genre, his high quality small opus of poetry.

Bibliographies at and links elsewhwere can go beyond this basic question that arose from the enduring Poe controversy which never buried his artistic achievement completely. It is a tainted thesis. Is Longfellow art? Few read or value that mighty poet today. Emerson? Not as popular or memorable, a drying well. Is that just because Poe was an interesting lunatic? The fact that Poe does it with such brevity and discipline IN popular fields beyond the ivory tower is all the more impressive.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2003

Poe was not a joke he poured his heart and soul in to his writings. He only wanted to write it was the only way i believe that he could get his problems off of his shoulders and the way that he wrote was beautiful. Most people look at his work and say he was insane. i look at his work and say he was the greatest.

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2003

i agree with (wolf) ^ .... poe was is alot of depression and wanted to get ride of oall the weight on his shoulders.he had some bad problems in his life and some great times, he just wanted to write them down, he knew no one else would understand him or want to listen to him...

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2003

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