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Hi I had a total hip replacement 6 weeks ago, I have nerve damage to sciatic that goes down my back leg,side of leg and over the ankle , I have a foot drop,lots of numbing in foot and side of leg, Mostly just pain pain pain,,,,,,,constant, The Dr told me I would get better but I am just getting so exchausted from the pain, He never did take an exray so I don't know how much damage has been done, I am using ice then heat, taking percoset I cannot walk without the walker and am afraid of not excersing, I am very lucky I have a doting husband that cares for my every need,As I read some postings, I see I am not alone, Good luck to everyone, wish I could offer help Diane

-- diane pennamen (, December 04, 2003


Dianne, I had a THR about 5 weeks ago. I have nerve damage just like you decribe. I am on Neurontin to help with the nerve pain. Have your Doctor check into this for you. It has helped but not completely.

Did he mention having an EMG? This test would be concerning your nerves. When I go back for my 6- week check up I am asking for one.

Did he say what caused this problem for you? My doc has danced around that question.

Good Luck


-- Carla Sharp (, December 06, 2003.

Diane, My husband has had 4 knee surgeries, the last a full knee replacement. He now suffers with nerve sensitivity. PAIN PAIN PAIN He has recently been approved for acupuncture and will give that a try. Good luck, Mary

-- Mary Bennett (, December 31, 2003.

Mary I hope your husband is doing better, Im not sure what my next step will be, I am seeing my surgeon this wednesday but I have no faith in him at all. He did my first hip 6 months ago and made me 1 and 1/2 inches too tall. It left me with a severe limp, He said he could correct it when he did the other hip,,,,,,,,yea right, I quess Im even now but left with this awful nerve damage,,,so frustrating and painful, I really do hope your husband is getting relief take care Diane

-- diane pennamen (, January 04, 2004.

I have been on my back with chronic nerve pain for seven years, been to the mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkina Hospital and the Univ of PA. Neurontin did not help, and am now trying Keprra. Any suggestions would be helpful. After four trips to the Mayo Clinic, the neutologist said good luck solving your problem.

Richard Venne

-- Richard A. Venne (, August 12, 2004.

Hi Richard I am so sorry for your pain, I wish I could offer some real help. I know if you type in neurology you will get alot of sites and message boards to go to. Someone needs to help you with your condition and pain,,,,,,,,thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way

-- Diane from Seattle (, August 13, 2004.

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