I need a 10 sentence paragraph about poes work

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I need a 10 sentence paragraph about Poe's work right now

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2003


edgar allan poe's work is dark, gloomy and some times happy like in "a dream". he was a writer moving from place to place when every body died and had to start all over again. the death of his mother was bad. he had to watch his mother die. he borther dide of the same thing. then when he want to a nother family his step mother died too. when he got marrired his wife died. he live in death all his life. his works were so cold and dark that every body loved some of his works. some people thought that he was too dark and gloomy. but he olny wrote what he was thinking or feelings.his works are great and wonderful. they bring peace and horror and life to a story. he was a wonderful person that seen death too many times.he was happy some times and sad other times. he was a poor man tring to make a job work. he was great man and will forever will be.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2003

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